Quick Answer: Is Russell Wilson sister Stanford basketball?

Who are Russell Wilson’s siblings?

Wilson was in the stands in San Antonio on Sunday to cheer on his sibling and the rest of her Stanford teammates as the Cardinal narrowly escaped the Arizona Wildcats 54-53 to secure the NCAA women’s title for the first time since 1992.

Does Russell Wilson daughter play Stanford?

Anna Christine Wilson (born July 12, 1997) is an American college basketball player for the Stanford Cardinal in the Pac-12 Conference of NCAA Division I women’s basketball.

How tall is Ciara Wilson?

Harry (30) and Russell Wilson (25) are 14 and eight-and-a-half years older than her, respectively. Harry is a successful salesman who received a scholarship and played baseball and football at the University of Richmond. He is now married, has a young daughter and resides in Kentucky.

Does Russell Wilson’s daughter play basketball?

With Big Brother Russell’s Help, Anna Wilson Fights for Her Basketball Career. … Anna Wilson is, according to many who know her best, molded in the spitting image of that brother, Russell. Her athletic career, though, did not follow the pattern of his.

Who is Russell Wilson’s daughter?

The Stanford Cardinal punched their ticket to the Final Four, and Seattle Seahawks superstar quarterback Russell Wilson — whose younger sister, Anna Wilson, is a starter for the team — was in the stands to watch it all unfold.

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Where is Anna Wilson from?

Born in Richmond, Va.