Question: What NBA players are from NC?

How many NBA players are from North Carolina?

There are 11 UNC basketball alumni currently playing in the NBA as well as 20 in the NBA G-League or overseas.

Who is from North Carolina in the NBA?

Former North Carolina Players Currently In The NBA

Player Pos WT
Reggie Bullock SG 205
Ed Davis PF 218
Wayne Ellington SG 207
Danny Green SF 220

Who is the best basketball player in North Carolina?

The most disparate list was for UNC. The Ranking list had #1 — Michael Jordan, #2 — James Worthy, #3 — Vince Carter, #4 — Bob Mc Adoo, #5 — Sam Perkins. The Bleacher list had #1 — (Get ready) Tyler Hansbrough, #2 — Michael Jordan, #3 — Phil Ford, #4 — James Worthy, #5 — Lennie Rosenbluth.

Who is the weirdest NBA player?

That’s kind of the same thing for the weirdest player of all time. Dennis Rodman is basically accepted to have the No. 1 spot on lockdown there, but the No. 2 spot could be occupied by about five different people, depending on who you talk to.

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Where is Michael Jordan from?

Brooklyn, New York, NY
Майкл Джордан/Место рождения
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