How do I find an agent for basketball?

How do I hire an NBA agent?

How To Choose An Agent for your NBA Career

  1. Reputation. You are unlikely to be the agent’s first client; therefore you should be able to ascertain information about his or her reputation. …
  2. Cost. In a perfect world, you could hire the greatest, most experienced sports agent in the business. …
  3. Integrity. …
  4. Accessibility.

How much is a basketball agent?

Instead, agents are now licensed directly by each association. Sports agents generally receive between 4 and 10% of the athlete’s playing contract, and 10 to 20% of the athlete’s endorsement contract, although these figures vary.

Do NBA players need agents?

An agent is a person in charge of negotiations and player contracts. Each NBA player has an agent, who could represent more than one NBA player, even 15 or 20. … It’s very usual for NBA stars to change agents when an important event is going to happen, like the explosive free agent market of 2012.

What does a basketball agent do?

The role of a basketball agent is to represent a professional athlete and best look after their interests. They do this in many ways. A basketball agent will negotiate a contact with a deal for a player, and also a sponsorship deal. They will make sure they have access to the best training opportunities.

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Who is Giannis agent?

Giannis Antetokounmpo speaks about his agent, Alex Saratsis.

Who is the number 1 agent in NBA?

NBA Agents

Agent Maxed-out
13. Thaddeus Foucher 1
14. Andrew Morrison
15. Jason Ranne
16. Jeff Austin 1

How do I contact an agent as an athlete?

Leave a message for the agent with his secretary. Do not contact an agent just to say “hi” or to gush over one of the athletes he currently represents. You must have a reason for contacting the agent — whether this is to inform him about a new athlete or to propose a gig for one of his represented athletes.

Who is LeBron James agent?

When you hear the name Rich Paul, it’s easy to make the direct connection to LeBron James. Paul has known the Lakers star since 2002, and he has served as James’ agent since 2012 when he started Klutch Sports Group.

Is Jay Za a sports agent?

On June 20, 2013 it was revealed that Jay-Z was officially certified as a sports agent for the National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball. … Roc Nation Sports currently boasts a roster with over 100 athletes across Baseball, Basketball, American Football, International Football, Rugby, and E-Sports.

What is the Rich Paul Rule?

The NCAA has gone back on its decision to require agents representing college players to have bachelor’s degrees. The rule had been dubbed the “Rich Paul Rule,” as it would prevent LeBron James’ agent, Rich Paul, from representing college players.

How hard is it to be a sports agent?

Becoming a sports agent takes plenty of hard work and dedication. … On average, most sports agents need to have at least a Bachelor’s degree. The most beneficial courses to take for becoming a sports agent include marketing and business management.

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Do I need a sports agent?

The main reason why athletes need an agent to represent them is to assist them with all aspects of their careers. The main focus will be ensuring you get the type of contract and fair market value that you are entitled to based on your athletic abilities. Sports agents are your buffers.

Do sports agents make good money?

How much money can I make as a sports agent? In the sports agent business, the saying goes “you get paid when your athlete gets paid”. The amount agents make varies with the athletes they sign. Successful sports agents can make over a million dollars per year.

How do you get a job as a sports agent?

Though some agents actually go to law school and have experience with sports law, you can break into this field with a degree in another field too.

  1. Finish Your Education. …
  2. Become a Sports Expert. …
  3. Do Internships and Work Experiences. …
  4. Check Licensing Requirements.