Best answer: What are the 10 basketball rules in the crossover?

What are the basketball rules in crossover?

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  • Rule #1. -family is court; ball is heart; always leave heart on court. …
  • Rule #2. -random text from dad. …
  • Rule #3. -never let anyone lower your goals; the sky is the limit; always shoot for the sun and you will shine. …
  • Rule #4. …
  • Rule #5. …
  • Rule #6. …
  • Rule #7. …
  • Rule #8.

Who gives the basketball rules in The Crossover?

The father of the main character is Chuck Bell. As a former basketball player, he makes analogies comparing basketball and life throughout the book. He also tells Josh and his twin brother, Jordan (JB), a set of “Basketball Rules” in the book.

What is basketball Rule #5 in The Crossover?

Basketball Rule 5 says: When you’ve stopped playing your game, you’ve already lost. … The fifth Basketball Rule in The Crossover says: When you’ve stopped playing your game, you’ve already lost. This is about not giving up.

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What is basketball Rule 1 in The Crossover?

In other words, your family, your team, and the people you care about should always have your heart and your love. This rule, and the others that appear in The Crossover, are rules that the Bell family learns to live by. They are rules that readers of The Crossover can take into their hearts. Mr.

How many rules are in the crossover?

-Kwame Alexander’s The Crossover contains ten basketball rules poems that apply to life. Using those poems, determine a theme of the novel and analyze its development throughout the text.

What is a crossover basketball game?

In basketball, the crossover is a commonly used tactical maneuver against encroaching defense players. The crossover move is a way of faking out other basketball players by rapidly switching the ball from one hand to the other and changing direction of travel.

Who is Josh Bell in the crossover?

Josh Bell is the main character and narrator of the novel “The Crossover” by Kwame Alexander. At twelve years old, Josh is the son of Chuck and Crystal, and the identical twin of JB. Josh is taller than JB, and can be differentiated from his brother physically by the long dreadlocks that Josh wears.

What does Jordan collect in the crossover?

he collects michael jordan shoes. he works all of the time.

What is mom’s job in the crossover?

Josh and JB’s mom; she’s the assistant principal at their middle school. Mom is a fun, supportive, and loving parent. She encourages the boys to play basketball, gives hard-hitting pep talks when necessary, and supports them in academics.

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What does basketball Rule #6 mean in terms of the book?

What does Basketball Rule #6 mean in terms of the book? In any team, you need a good teammate to be supportive. In other words, a family is like a team, and you need good family to support you.

Who are the characters in the crossover?

The Crossover Characters

  • Josh. Josh is the twelve-year-old protagonist of the novel. …
  • Dad. Josh and JB’s dad. …
  • JB. JB is Josh’s twin. …
  • Mom. Josh and JB’s mom; she’s the assistant principal at their middle school. …
  • Miss Sweet Tea/Alexis. Miss Sweet Tea is a new girl at Josh and JB’s school. …
  • Vondie.

Who is vondie in the crossover?

One of Josh and JB’s teammates and friends. Like Josh and JB, he’s very interested in talking about basketball, though he’s not as inclined to practice as much; Josh implies that Vondie tries his best to win at wind sprints so that he doesn’t have to practice.

Where does Josh want to go to college in The Crossover?

Bell home. The Bell home is located in an unnamed town in what is probably North Carolina, due to the town’s proximity to Duke University and Carolina State, and the desires of Josh and JB to attend those schools, respectively. The Bell home is the center of Bell family life.

How are Josh and Jordan different as basketball players?

Two identical twins, Josh and Jordan Bell, both share a love of basketball, but on the inside, they are very different. … For starters, Jordan prefers to shoot from afar, while Josh would rather drive towards the basket and go up for a dunk. Jordan likes North Carolina, but Josh wants to go to Duke.

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Why does Josh’s mom call him into the kitchen in The Crossover?

Mom calls me into the kitchen. … Mom explains that the family has a history of heart problems, so they’re going to start eating better. Josh is aghast that they have to start tonight, but Mom asks Josh to not let Dad take him to Pollard’s or Krispy Kreme after their rec center outings.