Your question: Who wears number 23 in the NBA right now?

The number 23 is obviously worn by LeBron James at the Lakers therefore, Davis had to choose another number and went for the number 3. Andre Drummond wears the number 3 jersey with the Cleveland Cavaliers however, during Drummonds tenure at the Detroit Pistons he wore the 0 and nuber 1 jersey.

Who wears 23 in the NBA right now?

We are proud to present our rendition of the Lebron James 23 jersey. James recently made social media headlines when he handed the 23 Lakers jersey to Anthony Davis. Despite this heavily trended move, Nike recently denied the move, meaning Lebron will continue to wear the number 23 this upcoming season.

Who has number 23?

Iconic NBA players with number 23 jerseys include Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Anthony Davis, all Hall of Fame-level players whose career highlights are among the greatest moments in basketball history.

Who is number 23 on the Lakers?

During the offseason, LeBron James decided to switch his jersey number with the Los Angeles Lakers. After wearing No. 23 during his first three seasons with the franchise, James swapped it for No.

What is Dwight Howard’s number?

Before Michael Jordan came around, Lou Hudson owned No. 23. Sweet Lou, who was known for his perfectly consistent stroke and ability to rain in perimeter jumpers long before there was a three-point arc to aid his efforts, wore the number throughout his entire career.

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Who is number 23 on the Bulls team?

First of all, Michael Jordan will continue to wear No. 23 and not No. 45, regardless of the number of fines the National Basketball Association levies against its numero uno superstar. Secondly, Bulls’ management is 100 percent behind him.

Is number 23 retired in the NBA?

Leading into the NBA’s 75th anniversary season, there have been a large number of players to have their jerseys retired.

Who should go No. 1, Chet Holmgren or Paolo Banchero?

Player Michael Jordan
No. of retired jerseys 2
Jersey(s) retired 23
Teams Bulls, Heat

What number is Dennis Rodman?

Given Rodman could not use the 10 jersey as the Bulls had retired it for Bob Love, and the NBA denied him the reversion 01, Rodman instead picked the number 91, whose digits add up to 10.

What number is LeBron James?

The story behind LeBron James’ change to No. 6

James even posted a photo of Davis holding a No. 23 jersey once the deal had been finalized. Davis had worn the number for his first seven NBA seasons.

Did Shaq wear number 8?

In March of 2002, two of the league’s biggest stars got into a fight after a Los Angeles Lakers vs. Indiana Pacers game.