Your question: Did Michael Jordan ever dunk on Shaq?

Which player never dunked on Shaq?

Shaquille O’Neal usually has a hard time admitting that someone did something better than him. But he gives credit to Derrick Coleman for his poster dunk. According to the big man, Coleman is one of only 3 people to have ever legitimately posterized him.

How many players have dunked on Shaq?

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Many others have dunked “near him,” but Shaq is only willing to credit Derrick Coleman, Tim Perry and Michael Jordan as players to have “dunked on” him. Of those three, Coleman is the only one who can claim to have “posterized” Shaq.

Has Shaq been dunked?

According to Shaq, the ‘Eighth wonder of the world’ got dunked on only once! Shaq still lists this moment as the most embarrassing moment of his entire 19-year long NBA career: “I always took pride in being a big man that never got dunked on. … Shaq didn’t even know he got dunked on until the ball hit him in the face!

Who dunked on LeBron?

When Jordan Crawford dunked on LeBron James in the summer of 2009. James was clearly Nike’s no. 1 priority on the basketball side of things even back in 2009. This was evidenced by how the LeBron James Skills Camp was the go-to destination for high school and college players.

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Who dunked on Yao Ming?

In one of the most talked-about dunks of his career, Kobe Bryant threw down a massive dunk over Rockets center Yao Ming during a 2003 game.

Has Shaq been blocked?

Shot blocks only became an official NBA statistic at the beginning of the 1985-1986 season. … These blocks wrecked Shaq, Yao Ming and Michael Jordan, and one brought an entire organisation to a standstill for years.

What is Shaq worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, O’Neal has an estimated net worth of $400 million.

How much money did Derrick Coleman make in the NBA?

Coleman earned $91 million in salary during his time in the NBA. In his bankruptcy filing, Coleman listed $4.7 million worth of debt and assets of just $1 million.

Has Chris Paul dunked?

Chris Paul of the Phoenix Suns is not known for his dunking, but Paul threw down a dunk during warmups before Game 3 against the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday night (his first game of the series). The video can be seen in a Tweet below from the NBA.

What is the height of Nate Robinson?

When a 7″1′ Shaquille O’Neal performed a monster dunk on a 6″11′ Chris Dudley in a match between the Knicks and the Lakers. There is no doubt that NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is a mountain of a man. The 4x NBA champion’s ability to dominate in the paint was one of a kind.

Who has blocked Michael Jordan?

3 overall pick Darius Miles.

  • Darius Miles was a top NBA draft pick out of high school.
  • He blocked Michael Jordan during a pickup game.
  • Michael Jordan later signed Darius Miles to his Jordan Brand.
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What is Michael Jordan famous dunk called?

The “Move” or Switch Hand Layup

This is one of the most famous and iconic moves and images of Jordan. The “Move”, also known as the “Switch Hand” layup. Michael has said that he was going to go for a dunk then quickly changed his mind.

What game did Starks dunk on Jordan?

And he’s about to do something about it. The Knicks knocked Jordan down a peg in Game 1. With a three-point lead and less than a minute left in the fourth quarter of Game 2, Starks knows this is his best opportunity to put MJ and the Bulls in a two-game hole — one they just might not charge their way out of.