You asked: What does M stand for in basketball stats?

M = Made. A = Attempted. % = 3-point percentage.

What do the abbreviations in basketball stats mean?

GM, GP; GS: games played; games started. PTS: points. FGM, FGA, FG%: field goals made, attempted and percentage. FTM, FTA, FT%: free throws made, attempted and percentage. 3FGM, 3FGA, 3FG%: three-point field goals made, attempted and percentage.

How do you read basketball stats?

How to Read a Box Score

  1. MIN = Minutes.
  2. FGM = Field-goals made.
  3. FGA = Field-goals attempted.
  4. FG% = Field goal percentage.
  5. 3PM = 3-pointers made.
  6. 3PA = 3-pointers attempted.
  7. 3P% = 3-point percentage.
  8. FTM = Free throws made.

What is MP in basketball stats?

MP – Minutes Played (available since the 1951-52 season)

What does DD2 mean in basketball?

Statisticians abbreviate a double-double as “DD2” in a basketball box score. Field goal percentage: A field goal refers to any two-point or three-point shot. … A player or team’s free throw percentage consists of the total number of free throws made (FTM) divided by the total number of free throw attempts (FTA).

What does EFF mean in basketball?

The NBA tracks individual efficiency in four ways: efficiency (EFF), player efficiency rating (PER), offensive efficiency rating (OER), and defensive efficiency rating (DER).

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What is FP in NBA?

Fantasy Points Per Minute is a terrific way to measure production in NBA DFS.

What is pie NBA stats?

In its simplest terms, PIE shows what % of game events did that player or team achieve. The stats being analyzed are your traditional basketball statistics (PTS, REB, AST, TOV, etc..) … When a team misses a shot, all 5 players on the other team’s PIE rating goes up. The formula for PIE can be found here in the Glossary.

What is a 3PM in basketball?

3PM. 3-Point Field Goals Made. The number of 3-point field goals that a team or player makes. 3FREQ. 3-Point Frequency.

What does BA stand for in the NBA?

it means blocks against – the number of times that player’s shot was blocked.

What is OReb basketball?

OReb – the number of offensive rebounds. DReb – the number of defensive rebounds. Reb – the total number of rebounds, Total Reb = Off Reb + Def Reb. Ast – the number of assists. TO – the number of turnovers.

What does tos mean in basketball?

You also have control over Fouls, Bonus shots, and Time Outs Left (TOL). The Possession button changes the possession indicator on the scoreboard.

What does PRF mean in basketball?

Points responsible for, so points plus assisted points. 6.

What does SPG mean in basketball?

Steals Per Game (basketball) SPG.

What does PDT mean in basketball?

Point Differential is the numerical gap between points scored and points allowed. Wins in close games tend not to reflect a team’s true skill.

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