You asked: Is basketball a collective noun?

What kind of noun is basketball?

A sport in which two opposing teams of five players strive to put a ball through a hoop. The particular kind of ball used in the sport of basketball.

What is the collective noun for basketball players?

Because a collective noun is a term that refers to a collection of related items—in this example, a group of people—the collective noun that springs to mind for the group, “players,” is the word “team.” Thus, the collective noun for “players” is “a team of players”.

Is basketball is a common noun?

A2A A proper noun is a word that is a name of a person, place or thing. That means basketball is a common noun.

Is Ball a collective noun?

No, ten balls is not a collective noun.

Is basketball a countable noun?

(uncountable) A ball game with two teams of five players. … I play on my school’s basketball team. (countable) A ball used in the game of basketball. Throw the basketball to me.

Is basketball a compound noun?

What are Compound Words? Compound words are made by joining two or more words; the combination creates a new word. They can be formed using two nouns, e.g. basketball, two non-nouns, e.g. blowup, or a noun and non-noun, e.g. sunrise.

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What are collective nouns examples?

A collective noun is used to refer to an entire group of persons, animals or things; it therefore includes more than one member. … Here are some examples of common collective nouns: People: board, choir, class, committee, family, group, jury, panel, staff. Animals: flock, herd, pod, swarm.

What is the collective noun of robbers?

Answer: Collective noun for group of robbers is gang.

What is collective noun of fish?

The most common collective nouns for a group of fish in general are school and shoal. Both the words have evolved from the same common Dutch root ‘schole’ meaning a troop or crowd.

Are sports names proper nouns?

Yes, the names of the sports are common nouns. But if teams have names, those are proper nouns. So you would write, “The Yankees are a baseball team.”

What is noun example of noun?

A noun is a word that refers to a thing (book), a person (Betty Crocker), an animal (cat), a place (Omaha), a quality (softness), an idea (justice), or an action (yodeling). It’s usually a single word, but not always: cake, shoes, school bus, and time and a half are all nouns.

What is a common noun and examples?

A common noun is the general, non-specific term for a person, place, thing, or idea. Usually, common nouns are not capitalized unless they begin a sentence. In this example, stage, sleep, repeat, times, and night are all general common nouns.

What are the 200 collective nouns?

Here is most important 200 examples of collective nouns;

  • a cluster of coconuts.
  • a cloud of dust.
  • a clump of bushes.
  • a collection of coins.
  • a comb of bananas.
  • a bevy of ladies.
  • a murder of crows.
  • a battery of guns.
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What are the 15 collective nouns?

15 Collective Nouns to Describe People – English Grammar Lesson

  • An army is a group of soldiers.
  • An audience is a group of spectators at an event.
  • A band is a group of musicians.
  • A board is a group of company executives.
  • A choir is a group of singers.
  • A class is a group of students.

What are the 50 examples of collective nouns?

50 Examples of Collective Nouns

  • a bale of cotton.
  • a basket of fruit.
  • a batch of bread.
  • a battery of guns.
  • a bevy of ladies.
  • a bevy of ladies.
  • a block of flats.
  • a board of directors.