You asked: Can Michael Jordan touch the top of the backboard?

Can Lebron James touch the top of the backboard?

“I’ve never touched the top of the backboard and I’ve never seen it done,” he said. “Myself, I came close, maybe three or four inches from the top.

What NBA players could touch the top of the backboard?

The only person to have said and I believe them to be true that (they can touch the top of the backboard) is Vince Carter. He said this happened before the NBA. I find that fascinating. At 6’6 with an 8’11 standing reach Vince would need to jump at 48inches high to touch the top of a 13ft backboard.

How high could Jordan touch?

But here is where it gets crazy, Jordan’s highest touch put him at 12’5”, just an inch below Howard! Vince Carter is another 6’6” marvel. He keeps up with Howard at 12’6” as his highest touch.

Can Zion touch the top of the backboard?

Never mind getting his head above the rim, Zion can touch the top of the backboard. Duke basketball head coach Mike Kryzewski said that Zion’s vert reached 45 inches, a team record.

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What’s the height of the top of the backboard?

What is the height of a backboard? The top of the hoop is 10 feet (305 cm) above the ground. Regulation backboards are 72 inches (183 cm) wide by 42 inches (110 cm) tall. All basketball rims (hoops) are 18 inches (46 cm) in diameter.

How high can Giannis Antetokounmpo jump?

He stands at 6’11” with a 7’4″ wingspan and has the hops of a rabbit combined with the handle of a guard. The 20-year-old Greek sensation, also known as the Greek Freak, showed off his max vertical reach Wednesday, hitting a peak of 12 feet, two inches.

What’s Zions vertical?

Mesmerized by the Zion Williamson Vertical Jump

Despite being 6 “6 and 284 lbs, Zion Williamson has a 45-inch vertical leap! This means that Zion Williamson has one of the highest vertical jumps in NBA history!

Who can jump the highest?

Javier Sotomayor (Cuba) is the current men’s record holder with a jump of 2.45 m ( 8 ft 1⁄4 in) set in 1993 – the longest-standing record in the history of the men’s high jump.

High jump.

Athletics High jump
Men Javier Sotomayor 2.45 m (8 ft 1⁄4 in) (1993)
Women Stefka Kostadinova 2.09 m ( 6 ft 101⁄4 in) (1987)
Olympic records

What is LeBron James vertical leap?

The current reigning monarch of the air is LeBron James. With his vertical leap reportedly measuring in at somewhere north of 40 inches (the NBA average is in the high 20s), King James is able to launch his 6-foot-8-inch, 250-pound frame with seeming ease.

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Did wilt have a 48 inch vertical?

Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlain owns the highest vertical jump in NBA history, reaching a height of 48 inches. Standing at 7 foot 1 inch, you wouldn’t think someone of that size was capable of reaching a vertical height that would break records.

How high could Earl Manigault jump?

Before there was a Michael Jordan or David Thompson, there was Manigault, at 6-2 wowing them on the playgrounds with his 42-inch vertical leap.

What was Dominique Wilkins vertical leap?


Player: Vertical Leap:
Antonio McDyess 42″
Dominique Wilkins 42″
Allen Iverson 41″ (104 cm)
Julius Erving 41″

Did Wilt Chamberlain have a 50 inch vertical?

Wilt Chamberlain is said to have had a 48 inch vertical jump. In fact, he once claimed in an interview that in his prime his vertical was easily 46 to 48 inches. Easily! At his stature that would mean that he was able to reach a higher max height than any other human in history.

Who jumps higher LeBron or Jordan?

#4 LeBron James, AKA King James

Bottom Line: James’ 44 inch (4 inches less than Jordan’s) vertical leap puts the top of his head a full 4 inches above the rim and only two inches lower than His Airness. This takes into account James’ 2 inch height advantage over Jordan.