Why dont WNBA players make more money?

To put it simply, the WNBA does not have the funds to pay salaries comparable to the NBA average; therefore, people cannot expect the two leagues to have equal pay. One main cause of the disproportionate revenue between the two leagues is viewership.

Why do NBA players get paid more than WNBA players?

Pay disparities between men and women is totally unfair in most arenas, but NBA star Draymond Green argued a valid point as to why NBA player salaries outweigh their WNBA counterparts. It all has to do with economics and selling out arenas and merchandise.

Does the WNBA make less money than the NBA?

Fact is the average WNBA salary, slightly less than $100,000, is roughly 1.5 percent of the average NBA salary, which exceeds $7 million. WNBA revenue is a fraction of that produced by the NBA, which is why Green is urging female athletes to target corporations that claim to be supportive equality for women.

Is the WNBA making more money?

When comparing this to the NBA, the WNBA makes a much larger percentage of their revenue from ticket sales. Of the NBA’s ~$8.3B revenue per year, only about $3B comes from ticket sales. This equates to a little more than 35% of the NBA’s total revenue.

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Do WNBA players want equal pay?

WNBA players want their equal pay, but no one wants to watch their games. You can pay your athletes more if they actually bring in the revenue for you to pay them with. However, the WNBA isn’t even remotely close to the NBA.

Does NBA own WNBA?

Explained How The NBA Owns WNBA Teams And Who Are The New Team Owners. Just two years later, WNBA was formed to promote the women’s sport and officially had its commencement in 1997. … WNBA started with just eight teams which were fully owned by the NBA. The NBA even paired the teams with that of the men’s teams.

Who owns the WNBA?

National Basketball Association, Inc.
Женская национальная баскетбольная ассоциация/Головные организации
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