Why did the NBA stop drafting from high school?

Why does the NBA not draft out of high school?

The birth of “one-and-done”

Since players couldn’t join the NBA straight out of high school, they would attend college for a year and then drop out once they became eligible for the draft. One reason for upping the age limit was to increase the level of play in the league.

When did the NBA stop drafting from high school?

For the first time, teams are also allowed to send players, with two years of NBA experience or less, to the NBA Development League (NBA D-League, now NBA G League). The terms of the new agreement ended the practice of drafting high school players, starting in the 2006 Draft.

Why did the NBA change the high school rule?

When the NBA and its players union negotiated a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) in 2005, NBA Commissioner David Stern publicly called for a higher age limit of 20, stating that he wanted the league’s scouts and general managers out of high school gyms and that too many young urban Americans incorrectly saw …

Can you enter the NBA straight out of high school?

Can basketball players be drafted out of high school? No, The NBA put a stop to drafting high school players after 2004. Basketball players looking to be drafted straight out of high school must wait at least one year after their senior year and be 18 years of age before being eligible for the NBA Draft.

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