Which 2K has Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant to appear on two covers of NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever edition. Kobe Bryant has been announced as a cover athlete for NBA 2K21. The late Los Angeles Lakers star will grace the front of the current and next-gen Mamba Forever editions of the game.

What NBA 2K is Kobe Bryant in?

NBA 2K5 and 2K8 even had Bryant as 99s, a perfect rating and an appreciably rare one for players to receive.

Does NBA 2K19 have Kobe Bryant?

We previously saw NBA 2K19’s Kobe Bryant day back in February just as the All-Star Game was going to Charlotte. That included special Kobe packs and cards as well. However, the new NBA 2K19 Kobe Signature Series packs feature a total of five possible Kobe cards worth scoring.

Is Kobe Bryant in NBA 2K 21?

The company announced Kobe Bryant will serve as the third and final cover athlete for NBA 2K21, honoring the late Los Angeles Lakers legend with the “Mamba Forever” edition of the game. Bryant, who died in a January helicopter crash along with eight other people, will be featured on two separate covers.

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Is Kobe Bryant in 2K 16?

Bryant, who has appeared in every single game since the series began in 1999 with NBA 2K on the Dreamcast, has an overall rating of 85 in NBA 2K16, down from an 89 last year (and a 93 in 2K13). … In the games Kobe did play, he shot a career-worst 37% from the field and generally looked like a 36-year-old on defense.

Is Kobe Bryant in 2K 22?

Kobe Bryant is an exact replica of the best Michael Jordan NBA 2K22 build. The only difference is that Kobe developed and adapted to the 3-point era where he improved in this area more than Mike. Although they are cut from the same cloth, you can make a couple of tweaks to make a unique Kobe Bryant build in 2k22.

Was Kobe ever a 99 in 2K?

Among Kobe Bryant’s career milestones is having appeared in every NBA 2K game to date. … According to numbers reported by CBS Sports, his player rating has been on a steady decline since peaking at 99 in NBA 2K9, dropping to 93 by NBA 2K13, where it remained until falling to 89 in NBA 2K15.

What team is Kobe Bryant on 2K19?

NBA 2K19 All-Time Los Angeles Lakers Player Roster

Name OVR Position
Magic Johnson 99 PG
Kobe Bryant 98 SG
Shaquille O’Neal 98 C
Jerry West 97 SG

What team is Kobe on in 2K21?

Kobe Bryant NBA 2K22 Rating (All-Time Los Angeles Lakers)

Is Kobe Bryant in 2k13?

He’s not the Mamba he once was but Kobe Bryant’s status as an elite level player has been confirmed by the developers of NBA2K13…if you rely on that sort of thing to determine the best players in the actual game.

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Is Kobe Bryant in 2K15?

Of course Kobe Bryant is the highest-rated Laker in NBA 2K15, but the Black Mamba has dropped below a 90 in the latest installment in the series.

Is Kobe in NBA 2K15?

Kobe Bryant’s NBA 2K15 player rating has been revealed and he won’t be one of the top four current players in the game. We already know there are four players that have a rating of 90 or above in NBA 2K15. Kevin Durant has a rating of 95.