When did Michael Jordan retired the second time?

NBA.com takes a look back at the top moments that define the history of the NBA. When Michael Jordan retired for the second time in January of 1999, he said he was “99.9 percent certain” that he would never in the NBA again. Less than two years later, on Sept. 25, 2001, that 0.1 percent chance won out.

When did Jordan come out of retirement the second time?

He retired for the second time in January 1999 but returned for two more NBA seasons from 2001 to 2003 as a member of the Washington Wizards.

Michael Jordan.

Charlotte Hornets
1984–1993, 1995–1998 Chicago Bulls
2001–2003 Washington Wizards
Career highlights and awards

Did Jordan retire twice?

On January 13, 1999, the National Basketball Association (NBA) superstar Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls announces his retirement from professional basketball, for the second time, in front of a crowd at Chicago’s United Center.

How many times did Jordan retire?

Retirements from Basketball

Over the 19 years since beginning his professional basketball career, Jordan retired from the sport three times. He first retired in 1993 and again in 1998, then finally hung up his jersey for good in 2003.

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When did Jordan retire?

When Michael Jordan retired for the second time in January of 1999, he said he was “99.9 percent certain” that he would never in the NBA again. … Jordan announced his return to the NBA, this time as a member of the Washington Wizards. Jordan had joined the Wizards as president of basketball operations on Jan. 19, 2000.

Did Jordan retire and come back?

Michael Jordan’s career, among many other things, was known for the surprising number of retirements and comebacks. … Jordan went on to return to the Chicago Bulls in the spring of 1995, going on to win three more championships before retiring again in 1999.

Did Michael Jordan retire three times?

How many times did Michael Jordan retire in his career? Jordan retired three-times from the NBA for different reasons but he always gave it his all. The American retired twice from the Bulls but won three titles in each stint.

How old was Michael Jordan when he retired in 1998?

At the age of 30, Michael Jordan retired after winning three titles.

When did Larry Bird retire?

On Aug. 18, 1992 he announced his retirement as a player. After 897 games Bird retired with 21,791 points (24.3 ppg), 8,974 rebounds (10.0 rpg) and 5,695 assists (6.3 apg). During his career he shot .

Did LeBron ever play Jordan?

After he got drafted by the Cavs with the first overall pick in the 2003 draft, LeBron James went to Santa Barbara to participate in Michael Jordan’s basketball camp. One night, Jordan and the college kids he had at the camp played five-on-five, and James and MJ ended up on the same team.

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Did LeBron retire?

The end of LeBron James’ career has been speculated, but the Lakers star recently put a timeline on his retirement in the “SmartLess” podcast with Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett. It doesn’t sound like he’s stepping away any time soon. I truly hope that I can finish my career with the Lakers.

How long was Michael Jordan’s first retirement?

ESPN Classic – Jordan’s first retirement lasts less than two years. Michael Jordan, believing he has no more worlds left to conquer as a basketball player, retires, at age 30, from the NBA and from the spotlight that had become so uncomfortable for him.

What did Michael Jordan do after 1998?

Despite what “The Last Dance” would have you believe, Jordan’s NBA career did not, in fact, end after Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals. After a brief hiatus, he took over as the general manager of the Washington Wizards and eventually decided to return and play for the team that he built.

How many years did Jordan play?

Because Michael Jordan played in 1,072 regular-season games in his 15-season career, and in case you’ve been under a rock or off Twitter for the past decade, the NBA world has been known to compare the two legends’ careers.

Can Michael Jordan still play basketball?

Michael Jordan suddenly retired from basketball in 1994

The Chicago Bulls selected him third overall, setting the stage for sports history. … In October 1993, after the death of his father, His Airness retired from the NBA and embarked on a baseball career.

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