What’s Kobe Bryant’s sisters name?

How many sister does Kobe Bryant have?

The Bryant Family consisted of Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, his wife Vanessa Bryant, his daughters Natalia, Gianna, Bianka, and Capri Bryant his parents Joe and Pamela Bryant, and his sisters Sharia and Shaya Bryant.

What does Kobe Bryant sisters do for a living?

Shaya Tabb (née Bryant; born July 30, 1977) is an American socialite, businesswoman, and celebutante.

Who is Kobe siblings?

While Kobe Bryant’s relationship with his parents was less than amicable, he was very close to his two older sisters, Sharia and Shaya, who he would speak of very highly despite them having some differences. … They two earned disapproving glances of his parents, and seemingly, Sharia and Shaya as well.

Did Kobe Bryant take care of his sisters?

Kobe cut off financial support to his sisters, which ultimately strengthened their relationship. In a 2016 ESPN profile, the father of four confessed that he no longer gave Sharia and Shaya money from his $600 million fortune. “They’re very smart, college-educated [women],” he shared. “I’m really proud of them.

Does Sharia Washington have kids?

The proud mom of three children, two daughters and a son, the fitness guru and businesswoman lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with her husband, Brandyay entrepreneur Jerrod Washington.

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Who did Kobe leave his money too?

Yes, you read that right Kobe Bryant’s 7-month old daughter, Capri, was left out of his estimated $600 million dollar estate. In January, the tragic deaths of NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, caught us all by surprise.

Where are Kobe Bryant’s sisters?

Although Vanessa referred to them as Auntie and Uncle, Ciara and Russell are not related to the Bryants by blood. … “Seeing you and the girls smile makes my heart smile,” Ciara wrote on Instagram in response to Vanessa’s post. “You’re the toughest mama I know. Seeing you put one foot forward each day is admirable.

Does Vanessa Bryant have siblings?

Kobe Bryant’s sister, Sharia Washington, just received a very special surprise from Vanessa Bryant. … “So overwhelmed!” Washington wrote on her Instagram Story as she shared Vanessa’s post.

Who is Sharia Washington?

Sharia Danielle Washington (née Bryant) is an American socialite, businesswoman, and celebutante.