What was the largest halftime lead in NBA Finals history?

What is the biggest lead in NBA playoff history?

1. Los Angeles Clippers 135, Golden State Warriors 131 | 2019 Western Conference first round Game 2 | 31 points

  • Mon, Aug 9. 1:00 PM. vs. …
  • 6:00 PM. at Hawks (Las Vegas Summer League) 96WON88.
  • 2:00 PM. at Celtics (Las Vegas Summer League) 80LOST100.
  • 4:00 PM. vs. …
  • 12:30 PM. vs. …
  • Mon, Oct 4. 4:00 PM. …
  • Thu, Oct 7. 4:00 PM. …
  • Mon, Oct 11. vs.

What’s the biggest blowout in NBA Finals history?

On June 7, 1998, the Bulls beat the Jazz, 96-54, in a game that set two NBA Finals records that still stand. Chicago set the record for both the largest margin of victory with the 42-point blowout and the fewest points allowed in a Finals contest.

What is the largest deficit in NBA playoff history?

The New Orleans Pelicans hold the NBA record for the worst loss in NBA playoff history, losing by 58 points to the Denver Nuggets in 2009.

Who has the most points in an NBA Finals Quarter?

The Cleveland Cavaliers set an NBA Finals record for the most points scored in a quarter Friday night when they poured in 49 over the course of the game’s first 12 minutes against the Golden State Warriors.

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What is the biggest 4th quarter comeback in NBA history?

The Milwaukee Bucks, down 29 points to the Atlanta Hawks, came back to win 117–115. This game is the largest fourth quarter comeback in NBA history.

What is the greatest comeback in NBA history?

Utah vs Denver, 11/27/1996

The largest comeback in NBA history occurred in 1996, when the Utah Jazz, down by 36 points, stormed back against the Denver Nuggets to take a thrilling win.

Who won the 1998 NBA Finals?

Chicago Bulls
1998 NBA Finals/Победитель
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