What the Paul Dunk fake?

How many what the Paul dunks were made?

According to the diagram, the “What The Paul” re-contextualizes 16 different releases, spanning notable colorways from the skater’s entire time with the Swoosh.

Who is Paul Rodriguez?

Paul Martin Rodriguez Jr.

(born December 31, 1984), also known by his nickname P-Rod, is an American professional street skateboarder, actor, rapper, and recording artist.

What was P rods last trick in in bloom?

Paul Rodriguez, In Bloom (2002)

His final two tricks are clear cut examples of the greatness that still to come years down the road. Switch kickflip, followed by a perfect switch heel down a huge set right into a rainy parking lot.

How many signature shoes Paul Rodriguez had with Nike?

Through his ten signature shoes with Nike SB, P-Rod’s always finding innovative ways to balance tech and function.

How old is nyjah?

27 years (November 30, 1994)
Найджа Хьюстон/Возраст
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