What Marvel movie is Michael B Jordan in?

Was Michael Jordan in a Marvel movie?

In February 2018, Jordan starred as the villain Erik Killmonger in Marvel’s Black Panther; this marked Jordan’s third collaboration with Coogler.

Who does Michael Jordan play in MCU?

Actor played the villain, Erik Killmonger, in the hit 2018 franchise film.

Is Michael B Jordan playing Black Panther?

Jordan, who played Erik Killmonger in Black Panther, was told about the Marvel sizzle reel that revealed the title of the second Black Panther movie by Variety since the news dropped minutes before the interview took place. “Nice. Awesome. I like that,” Jordan said in the interview.

Will Michael B Jordan return in Marvel?

Michael B. Jordan will be in Black Panther 2 as Killmonger. Yes, this will definitely come as a surprise to fans. Those who’ve seen the first Marvel movie may remember that the villain dies at the end of the first film.

Will Marvel bring back Killmonger?

Sadly, Killmonger’s return to the MCU wasn’t as exciting as fans expected, and as much as they would like to see him again in Black Panther 2, his brief time in What If…? proves that’s not the best idea, and bringing him back would end up hurting the character.

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Where is Michael B Jordan?

Jordan was born in Santa Ana, California, but currently resides with his family in New Jersey.

How do I contact Michael B Jordan?

Contact SpeakerBookingAgency today at 1-888-752-5831 to book Michael B.

Who was Black Panther?

Black Panther is the title held by T’Challa, a member of the royal family of the fictional African country of Wakanda. After the death of his father, T’Challa claimed the throne and the role of Black Panther. He was exposed to a mystical herb that enhanced his strength and agility to near-superhuman levels.

Who is next Black Panther?

Some of the rumors we’ve seen since last August said that Shuri might be the next Black Panther. Just like in the comics, and just like Marvel wanted to happen eventually. Others said M’Baku (Winston Duke) or Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) might be a potential Black Panther in the sequel.

Who Killed Black Panther MCU?

Death of Chadwick Boseman

On August 28, 2020, Boseman died after a four-year battle with colon cancer.

Is Killmonger really dead?

During a subsequent duel with T’Challa, Killmonger is killed by Monica Rambeau, whom he had previously captured and imprisoned. Killmonger’s young son is last seen swearing vengeance against Black Panther, much like N’Jadaka had done years earlier after the death of his own father.

Is Killmonger dead in the movie?

The actor says that although Erik Killmonger died in 2018’s Black Panther, there’s always a chance his character could make a comeback. After all, it’s pretty much an unspoken rule that Marvel characters are rarely ever truly dead — especially when you don’t see their deaths onscreen!

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Will there be a Black Panther 2?

Black Panther 2 is expected to hit theaters on July 8, 2022, making it a prime summer blockbuster. The film will open two months after its original planned release date of May 6.