What is the most points scored in a single NBA season?

Wilt Chamberlain holds the all-time records for total points scored (4,029) and points per game (50.4) in a season; both records were achieved in the 1961–62 season. He also holds the rookie records for points per game when he averaged 37.6 points in the 1959–60 season.

How many NBA players scored 3000 points in a season?

1962 was simply a season for the ages. Chamberlain scored 4,029 points in 80 games, over 1500 more points than his nearest rival that year. Only one other player has ever scored more than 3,000 points in a season (Michael Jordan, 1987). Chamberlain did it three times.

Who has the most 70 point games in a single season?

Wilt Chamberlain has the most games with 70+ points in a season, with 3 games in 1962-63 and in 1961-62.

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What is the highest points per game in a season?

Wilt Chamberlain has put up the most points per game in a season, with 50.4 per game in 1961-62.

How many 60 point games does LeBron James have?

LeBron James had 1 game played with 60+ points.

What is the most points LeBron has scored in a single season?

LeBron James scored his most points in a season in 2005-06, with 2,478 points.

Who has the most 60 point games in one season?

Wilt Chamberlain has the most games with 60+ points in a season, with 15 games in 1961-62.

Who has the most 80 point games in NBA history?

Kobe Bryant and Wilt Chamberlain were tied for the most games with 80+ points, with 1 game.

What is the highest scoring game in NBA history?

The highest score was recorded on December 13, 1983, in the game between Denver Nuggets and Detroit Pistons, ended with the score of 184 to 186. The teams combined to score 370 points after 3 OT.

What NBA player scored the most points in a game?

On March 2, 1962, Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points, and pulled down 25 boards, as a member of the Philadelphia Warriors in a 169-147 win over the New York Knicks.

Was Wilt Chamberlain a goat?

Chamberlain has all the numbers to prove he was a complete player, but he owns one of the most shocking statistics that should, alone, push him to the top of the GOAT list. It all happened during the 1961-62 season when Chamberlain averaged 48.5 minutes per game for the year.

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Who holds the second most records in the NBA?


1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 38387
2. Karl Malone 36928
3. LeBron James 35757
4. Kobe Bryant 33643
5. Michael Jordan 32292

What is the average ppg in the NBA?

The NBA scoring average per game is currently around 113 points. With a 13 player active roster, that comes out to 113/13= 8.7 points per game per player.

Who has the most 3 pointers in a game?

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Player (Team) 3-pointers Opponent
Stephen Curry (Warriors) 13 Pelicans
Stephen Curry (Warriors) 12 Thunder
Donyell Marshall (Raptors) 12 76ers
Kobe Bryant (Lakers) 12 Seattle SuperSonics

How many 70 point games does Kobe have?

Only six players have scored 60 or more points on more than one occasion: Wilt Chamberlain (32 times), Kobe Bryant (6 times), Michael Jordan (5 times), Elgin Baylor (4 times), James Harden (4 times), and Damian Lillard (3 times).

How many 60 point games did Michael Jordan have?

Both Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant recorded five games in their careers of 60 points or more. Kobe recorded 81, 65, 62, 61 and 60 points in regular season games. Michael Jordan recorded 69, 64, 63 (in playoffs), 61 and 61.