What is basketball wives net worth?

As a result of her work and former relationship, she has ganered an impressive salary and accumulated net worth of $35 million according to TV Showcasts. Original cast member Jennifer Williams is the second wealthiest basketball wife with a purported net worth of $25 million.

How much is Evelyn worth from Basketball Wives?

Evelyn Lozada net worth: Evelyn Lozada is an American reality television star who has a net worth of $4 million. She is a television personality and entrepreneur who is probably most widely recognized as one of the stars of the VH1 reality series, “Basketball Wives” and as the ex-fiancee of NBA star Antoine Walker.

What is the salary of the Basketball Wives?

It was reported in the early days that the ladies took home $7,500 per episode. After Evelyn was portrayed negatively in the season two finale, she threatened to quit the show, then asked for $20,000 per episode to stay on.

Who is the richest basketball wife?

According to reports, the wealthiest Basketball Wives star is none other than the series producer, executive, and star Shaunie O’Neal. Shaunie was married to legendary basketball player Shaquille O’Neal for a number of years after they wed in 2002.

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What does Jackie Christie do for a living?

‘ She also owns a television production company, Jennifer Williams Productions, and has two new shows in the pipeline, ‘Scam Likely’ and Notorious Queens. ‘ As a cast member of ‘Basketball Wives,’ she reportedly earns $300,000 per season and an additional $40,000 for every reunion episode.

What does Jennifer Williams do for a living?

“I am no longer going to do Basketball Wives,” said Lozada, 45.

How much does Shaq pay Shaunie?

Shaunie did get granted custody of their children, providing a substantial amount of spousal and child support. The divorce resulted in Shaq giving up half of his $300 million net worth to Shaunie and $100,000 a month in child support.

What does Malaysia Pargo do for a living?

LeBron James’ net worth is estimated at 500m dollars, having earned just over 700m from contracts and endorsements over the course of his career before taxes and expenses.

How are CeCe and Kristen Related Basketball Wives?

CeCe Guiterrez’s relationship with Kristen Scott unraveled on ‘Basketball Wives’ Gutirrez and Kristen formed a close bond due to Kristen’s family ties to Guiterrez’s then-fiance Byron Scott. Kristen is Byron’s daughter-in-law. She’s married to Bryon’s son Thomas.

What businesses does Jackie Christie own?

She is the author of five self-help/motivational books, and runs her own lifestyle and entertainment company called BSM Media. She is also the CEO of Jean Fya Records, an independent record label.