What does to stand for in basketball?

TO – the number of turnovers. Force TO – the number of turnovers that are forced by the defensive player or team. Dflc – the number of deflections by a defensive player or team. Dflc Vic – the number of times that an offensive player or team has a pass deflected.

What does FO stand for in basketball?

In basketball, a flagrant foul is a personal foul that involves excessive or violent contact that could injure the fouled player.

What does TK mean in basketball?

Talent-Keyhole. TK. Toni Kukoc (basketball player)

What does ot stand for in basketball?

Overtime or extra time is an additional period of play specified under the rules of a sport to bring a game to a decision and avoid declaring the match a tie or draw where the scores are the same.

What is a 2 for 1 in basketball?

2-for-1. A strategy used within the last minute of a period or quarter, in which the team with possession times its shot to ensure that it will regain possession with enough time to shoot again before time runs out.

What does AFO stand for?

AFO stands for ankle foot orthosis. This kind of brace is usually made of plastic. Orthoses are named for the parts of the body they control. An orthosis provides correction, support, or protection to a part of the body.

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What does tot mean in baseball?

TOT means “Two Other Teams” meaning that player played for two (or more) teams that season.

What does SD mean in basketball?

What does SD Mean?

Name Desc
3RB Third down back
SD Short Distance / Goal Line back
FB Fullback
KR Kick Returner

What does M mean in basketball?

M = Made. A = Attempted. % = Field goal percentage.

What does J mean in basketball?

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Who invented basketball?

The game is played between two teams, with five players per team allowed on the court at any one time. Points are scored by getting the ball through a hoop called ‘the goal’ or ‘the basket’, and the team scoring the most points wins.