What does SS mean in basketball?

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What does SS stand for in sports?

SS Stands For Super Sport.

What does SS mean in RP?

Answer: Sometimes on my match ups you will see something like this “use the $3.00/1 in 08/02 SS”, this means the $3 off one coupon from the August 2nd Smart Source. There are three main coupon inserts that come in the Sunday paper. The Smart source (SS), the Red Plum (RP) and the Proctor and Gamble (P&G).

What SS means in DotA?

SS stands for ‘stay safe’ because there is a player missing from your lane and the player on the other side is not seen so therefore is a threat to lanes.

What does if op passes mean?

On social media sites, OP usually stands for “original poster” or “original post.” The person who creates a post that others are now replying to, or that first post itself, is the OP. So when someone says OP in this context, they’re referring to the person who made the original post, or to the original post itself.

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What does SS stand for in education?

@DavidaPride. Ss stands for students. Sorry it’s twitter-speak for educators.

What does SS mean in soccer?

10 – Second Striker (SS): When used, they sit right behind the center forward and are mainly responsible for setting up scoring opportunities for other attackers. They should be able to shield the ball from the other team and hold them off while waiting for their teammates to position themselves for a good shot.

What SS means in lol?

Ignore the QSS answer, SS usually means that an enemy champion is missing, players usually say ”X Lane SS”, it can also mean Stay Sharp or Stay Safe. When your team says SS you should probably play safer for the next minutes.

What does SS mean on Snapchat streaks?

What does SS mean? The next one that I’m sure you’ve been very confused about is SS. And it means… Screen Shot.

What is SS on Snapchat?

This one is actually very simple: “ss” stands for “screenshot.” … If you’re sending a photo or a video directly to another Snapchat user, the app gives you a notification to tell you when someone has screenshotted your content, but it doesn’t give you a direct notification if someone screenshots your story.

What is SS Ulti?

SS = ulti. CC = stun/slow/silence/sleep/root…..

What is SS Moba?

In the video game world, we have many abbreviations. … In MOBA-style games, like League of Legends and DotA, it is common to see the abbreviation SS. This is an abbreviation that someone will toss out there when an enemy champion is missing – it is also referred to as MIA from their lane.

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What is SS in MLBB?

SS’ means ‘Stay Safe’ as opponent left lane he was on/ or is missing from that lane.

What does OG stand for?

O.G. or original gangster or real OG or triple OG [oh-jee] or [uh-rij-uh-nl gang-ster]

What is an OG person?

History and Etymology for OG

Noun. Original Gangster.

What does OG mean in gaming?

OG (O.G.) stands for “Original Gangster” in Fortnite. It was originally a rap term, though it’s now widely used in a more general sense to indicate that something is “old school” and/or original. The Royale Originals Outfits, O.G.