What does PF mean in fantasy basketball stats?

What does PF stand for in fantasy basketball stats?

Position abbreviations in Fantasy Basketball

Position What It Means Who Is Eligible
PF Power Forward Any power forward, forward, or forward/center
F Forward Any small forward, power forward, forward, guard/forward, or forward/center
C Center Any center or forward/center
Util Utility Any player

What does PF mean in fantasy league?

PF is an acronym in fantasy football that stands for points for, which is the number of points scored by a team.

What does PF mean in basketball with points?

PF in basketball stats simply means personal fouls. When we are talking about personal fouls, these are the fouls that are counted for every player out on the court. A personal foul will be tallied under his PF count in the box score when one player fouls another.

What is PA and PF in fantasy?

On the standings board, it stands for Points For (the total points the team has scored this season) and Points Against (the total number of points scored against the team this season.

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Is PF personal foul?

If another of the five players is ejected or injured, the last player to foul out rejoins the game. Under the player foul penalty rule, each situation results in a technical foul, with the non-offending team shooting one technical foul free throw.

What is PA and PF?

Lets take a look at the Points For (PF) and Points Against (PA) because that is what matters in Fantasy Football, the amount of points your team scores vs the amount of points your opponent scores.

What does PF mean in Madden 21?

PF stands for “points for”. 1. PF stands for “points for”.

What does PF mean in AFL?

A team’s percentage is based on their total number of ‘points for’ (PF) compared to their total number of ‘points against’ (PA).

What does PF and PA mean in basketball?

In your league standings, you’ll notice that there are columns for Points For (PF) and Points Against (PA). These point totals are only tracked for your league’s regular season.

What does PF stand for in sports?

In fantasy football, PF stands for “Points For”. It is the amount of total points your fantasy team has scored throughout the fantasy season.

What does SF and PF mean in basketball?

Over time, as more specialized roles developed, each of the guards and forwards came to be differentiated, and today each of the five positions are known by unique names, each of which has also been assigned a number: point guard (PG) or 1, the shooting guard (SG) or 2, the small forward (SF) or 3, the power forward ( …

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What does GB mean in basketball standings?

In most North American sports, the phrase games behind or games back (often abbreviated GB) is a common way to reflect the gap between a leading team and another team in a sports league, conference, or division.

Does PA stand for?

Pennsylvania (US postal abbreviation) PA.

What does DST mean in Draftkings?

One of the more overlooked positions in DFS is defense and special teams (DST). A solid DST can often be the difference between making and losing money.