What does low post mean in basketball?

The low post in basketball is a location on the court where players position themselves. It is located just near the basket just above one of either of the low blocks. There is also a location on the court called the high post, which is on the edge of the free throw line.

What is a low post player in basketball?

The area near the basket on either sides of that box, which is known as the “key,” “paint” or “lane,” is referred to as the low post. … Players who play in the low post usually are the tallest and biggest players since that is where a lot of rebounding is done.

What is a high post in basketball?

The high post in basketball is the area at the top of the key, around where the corner of the free throw line is. … While the high post is a little higher up on the court and farther away from the basket, there is also an area called the low post, closer to the rim, at the bottom of the key.

What is a post position in basketball?

A post up is when an offensive player puts their back to the basket and tries to use their positioning and strength to score. … They attempt to back their way through the defender. A post player in most cases are the larger players on the team, typically the power forward and center positions.

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What is post up low?

“Post up” – offensive move wherein a low post player positions himself, and “seals” his defender off so that he can receive the pass down low on the block, where he can use a “post move” for a score, or quickly pass the ball back outside to an open team-mate for a three-pointer (going “inside-out”).

Where is the low post on a basketball court?

The low post is defined as the areas that are closest to the basket but outside of the free throw lane. This area is fundamental to strategy in basketball. Skilled low post players can score many points per game without ever taking a jump shot.

What does high posting mean?

An area on a basketball court at the top of the key. … It is often shaded and always has a semi-circle attached on the short side opposite the basket. The high-post is named as such to be opposite the low post, which is at the bottom of the rectangle closer to the basket.

How do you guard a post?

The defender’s major mission in guarding the post, is to keep the ball from the opponent’s hands. On a pass into the low post area, do not go for a steal unless backside help is available. When defending against the lob pass, go to a full chest (face), staying tight with both hands up high.

What’s the hardest position in basketball?

For many players the point guard position is considered the hardest position in basketball. The point guard will need multiple skill sets found in the other positions, and needs a high basketball IQ to be able to make plays on the court during game time.

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