What accomplishments did LeBron James have?

LeBron James is an American professional basketball player. James has won three National Basketball Association (NBA) championships and four NBA MVP awards (2008–09, 2009–10, 2011–12, and 2012–13).

What did LeBron James do to help the world?

James is building a model for advancing education and social assistance in the West Market Street neighborhood, where he was raised. A new school, three residential buildings and a sports-and-entertainment complex represent more than $20 million in investment by the LeBron James Family Foundation and its partners.

Does LeBron have any records?

In fact, if James can maintain a 25 points per game average moving forward, he’ll need 121 games to pass Hall of Fame great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387 points) for No. 1.

All-time scoring: LeBron closing in on No. 2.

Name Points
Karl Malone 36,928
LeBron James 35,367
Kobe Bryant 33,643
Michael Jordan 32,292

What important events happened in LeBron?

To put his basketball career into words is often difficult, but here’s a look at the 15 most career-defining moments in LeBron’s celebrated career.

  1. Finally.
  2. 2007 Eastern Confernce Finals vs Detroit Pistons. …
  3. The Cramp Game. …
  4. 2012 Eastern Conference Finals vs. …
  5. 2011 Finals vs Dallas Mavericks. …
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Who holds most NBA records?

Chamberlain holds 72 NBA records, 68 by himself.

Why is LeBron James inspiring?

James also uses his role as a leader to inspire other players, encouraging them to take action by standing up for their beliefs and calling out injustice. And when we see these brave actions playing out, we feel empowered, too.

Why is LeBron a good role model?

Aside from doing countless charity work in his hometown of Akron, Ohio–none bigger than his I PROMISE School which opened in 2018–LeBron played a huge role in the 2020 Presidential election. His “More Than a Vote” group helped fight voter suppression and drew more than 42,000 volunteers to work at polling stations.

What is LeBron’s biggest achievement?

He has won four NBA championships, four NBA MVP Awards, four Finals MVP Awards, and two Olympic gold medals. James holds the NBA records for most points in the playoffs, is third all-time in points scored, and eighth in career assists.

How many 60 point games does LeBron James have?

LeBron James had 1 game played with 60+ points.

Who is the goat of basketball?

Earl Manigault (September 7, 1944 – May 15, 1998) was an American street basketball player who was nicknamed “the goat”.

Earl Manigault
Other names The Lip
Occupation Street basketball player

What is Stephen Curry full name?

Stephen Curry, in full Wardell Stephen Curry II, byname Steph, (born March 14, 1988, Akron, Ohio, U.S.), American professional basketball player who led the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA) to championships in 2014–15, 2016–17, and 2017–18 and to the best regular-season record in …

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What is LeBron James number?

Ahead of his fourth season with the Lakers, James is ditching No. 23 in favor of No. 6. The four-time NBA MVP began his professional career with the Cavaliers wearing No.

Did LeBron James win Rookie of the Year?

Michael Jordan won the award in the 1984–85 NBA season. Allen Iverson won the award in the 1996–97 NBA season. Pau Gasol won the award in the 2001–02 NBA season. LeBron James won the award in the 2003–04 NBA season.

Who has the most 80 point games in NBA history?

Kobe Bryant and Wilt Chamberlain were tied for the most games with 80+ points, with 1 game.

How many steals does LeBron have?

NBA History – Steals Leaders

Steals Leaders
11 LeBRON JAMES 2,092
12 Karl Malone 2,085
13 Mookie Blaylock 2,075

Who sank a 60 foot shot on April 29 1970?

On April 29th in 1970, in the closing second of Game 3 of the NBA Finals, Jerry West knocked down a buzzer-beating 60-foot shot that forced overtime with both teams tied at 102-102.