Quick Answer: Will fans be allowed at Illinois high school basketball games?

The number of spectators allowed to attend games also varies by coronavirus mitigation level. While no spectators will be allowed at games in regions that are under Tier 2 mitigations, up to 25 fans will be allowed for schools in Tier 1. For those schools in Phase 4, a maximum of 50 spectators will be allowed.

Are fans allowed at Illinois high school basketball?

In a tweet Monday, the Illinois High School Association announced new guidance from the Illinois Department of Public Health. … Spectator attendance update from @IDPH for outdoor sports only:#IHSA schools located in Regions in Phase 4 can increase spectators from 50 persons to 20% venue capacity.

Can fans go to high school football games in Illinois?

The Illinois High School Association announced there will not be any schedule changes, meaning sports will be played at the normal time this year. … Regardless of sports, there are no capacity limits for fans this season.

How many fans can attend Illinois high school football games?

Current IDPH Region Status

IDPH Region Current Level
3 – Southwest Phase 5
4 – St. Louis Area Phase 5
5 – Southern Phase 5
6 – East Central Phase 5

Can fans go to high school football games?

New guidelines from the California Department of Public Health take effect Thursday that will permit most Bay Area high schools to host as much as 33% of their stadium’s normal capacity at football games and other outdoor sporting events.

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Is Illinois allowing fans?

Illinois Opens 100% Capacity for 2021-22 Season; Football Tickets On Sale.

What phase is Illinois in today?


How many classes are in Illinois high school football?

Links to the scores and pairings for all eight classes.

Did IHSA cancel football?

(WICS/WRSP) — Amid a rash of football game cancellations and postponements at the high school level, the Illinois High School Association, IHSA, announced on Tuesday that they will not be changing their cancelation policy, despite outcry from coaches across the state.