Quick Answer: Why do NBA jerseys say Los?

The NBA runs its “Noche Latina” promotion to appeal to Hispanic fans, which means we see lots of jerseys with “El” and “Los” added to them. … That’s also how the Spanish-language media refer to them, as you can see in this ESPN Deportes game recap.

Why does the NBA have the Los shirts?

Why were the Suns and Spurs wearing uniforms that said “Los” on them? They were in honor of the Hispanic Heritage the NBA is celebrating. “The” Spurs and “The” Suns.

Why are NBA shirts in Spanish?

Noche Latina, established during the 2006-2007 season, is a program by the NBA to celebrate Latin heritage for fans and players in Hispanic and Latin American communities. Each season, selected NBA games contains Latin-themed activities, advertisements, and merchandise among other things in honor of “Noche Latina.”

What is Noches Ene be a?

Branded Noches Éne-Bé-A [sic], the program seeks to “commemorate NBA fans and players across Latin American and U.S. Hispanic communities.” I like this initiate to engage fans and draw attention to the deep connections between the Association and Latino communities locally and globally.

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What are the sayings on the NBA jerseys?

Players were reportedly given the option of choosing from 29 messages, including “Black Lives Matter”; “I Can’t Breathe”; “Justice”; “Peace”; “Equality”; “Say Her Name”; “Anti-Racist”; “Group Economics” and “I Am a Man” — the slogan famously used in the 1968 Memphis sanitation workers’ strike.

What does Los mean in basketball?

No team puts “EL” or “LOS” (which translates to “THE”) on any jerseys. Even in America, it doesn’t read “The Spurs”, it just reads “Spurs”. Translating the team names would be easier it seems.

Why does the Sun have Los?


The Suns took it upon themselves to dedicate their City Edition jersey to “Los Suns” and continue to show their support of their Hispanic fanbase. … The Suns originally sported their bright neon-orange “Los Suns” jersey, taking them through SB 1070 and the three years following.

Who is in the Miami Heat?


Jimmy Butler #22 SF 230 lbs
Udonis Haslem #40 PF 235 lbs
Caleb Martin #16 SF 205 lbs
Markieff Morris #8 PF 245 lbs

What is Latin Nights?

As for the ethnic make-up, a Latin Night will be a dominantly Latin crowd made up of Hispanic-Americans, as well as Hispanics from Mexico, Central America, and South America.

Do NBA players pay for their jerseys?

Since the team only has a limited allotment of jerseys, a player may have to pay for the cost of the traded jersey out of pocket. Most players are wealthy enough to easily afford the cost of the jersey and consider this a worthwhile expense to get their memento, of course.

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What does Enakopravnost mean?

Enakopravnost (Slovenian for “Equality”)

Can you buy NBA black lives matter jerseys?

At the moment there is no word on where to purchase these shirts from. However Miami Heat released a collection of Black Lives Matter shirts on Thursday. … It should be a matter of time before the NBA shirts are made available to the public and the money received from the sales will also hopefully be donated to charity.