Quick Answer: Did Michael Jordan speak at Kobe Hall of Fame?

Kobe Bryant modeled his game after Michael Jordan and sought out the legend for advice and guidance during his NBA career. Vanessa Bryant, Kobe’s widow, will speak in honor of her late husband, while Jordan, a 2009 Hall of Fame inductee, will accompany her on stage.

What did Michael Jordan say about Kobe Hall of Fame?

“I feel like, yo, what you get from me is from him. I won’t get five championships here without him because he guided me so much and gave me so much great advice,” he said. “I truly hate having discussions about who would win one on one.

Did Jordan speak at Hall of Fame?

Typically, the Hall of Fame presenter is a nonspeaking and ceremonial role. When Jordan was inducted in 2009, he was presented by David Thompson, one of his childhood idols. The 2020 Hall of Fame induction ceremony was originally scheduled for last August, but it was postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Who spoke at Kobe Hall of Fame?

All Star, a five-time champion and one of the most influential basketball players ever, is a Hall of Famer. Vanessa Bryant gave a poised speech in her husband’s place, with Michael Jordan, whom Vanessa referred to as Kobe’s “favorite player,” standing off to the side.

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Did Michael Jordan go to Dean Smith Funeral?

Former Tar Heels players, other basketball coaches attend private Dean Smith funeral. … Michael Jordan and his mother were among those who paid their respects in the light and airy church that Smith attended for decades.

How many of Michael Jordan’s teammates are in the Hall of Fame?

How Many Hall of Famers Did Michael Jordan Play With? Out of six championship teams, two of MJ’s teammates would go on to be inducted into the hall of fame. These players were Scottie Pippen, who was inducted in 2010, and Dennis Rodman, who was inducted in 2011.

What did Dean Smith think of Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan Was ‘Scared’ and ‘Intimidated’ When He 1st Met Legendary UNC Coach Dean Smith: ‘I Was Pretty Nervous About It’ Before he became a superstar in the NBA with the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan was a star at the University of North Carolina.

Who was Michael Jordan mentor?

Davis was a six-time NBA All-Star and Jordan mentor

Walter Davis played his college ball at the University of North Carolina before spending 15 years in the NBA.

Who was Michael Jordan’s high school basketball coach?

Michael Jordan’s High School Coach, Clifton Herring, Faced Much Bigger Obstacles Than Basketball.