Question: What is Michael Jordan’s career low?

When scouring Michael Jordan’s statistics for some of his rare off nights, the one that likely jumps out to most came on March 22, 1986. That night, the Chicago Bulls played the Cleveland Cavaliers and Jordan had the lowest point total of his career. He finished with eight points on 4-for-13 shooting.

How many career losses Does Michael Jordan have?

Michael Jordan had 366 losses in his career.

How many times did Jordan score less than 10 points?

There was only one time during his career with the Bulls that Jordan scored less than 10 points. After that, he scored at least 10 or more points in 866 consecutive games which is the longest streak currently in NBA history. That streak lasted from 1986 to 2001.

Is Michael Jordan’s career average?

He holds the NBA records for career regular season scoring average (30.12 points per game) and career playoff scoring average (33.45 points per game).

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Did Michael Jordan ever lose?

Jordan holds the all-time record by being the ONLY player in NBA history to never once score under 20 points in a Finals game! He played 35 Finals games, and 35 times over 20 points in the Finals is also a record. … Jordan never had a Finals series go to seven games and he never lost in the Finals.

How many 60 point games did Michael Jordan have in his career?

Jordan (63) and Baylor (61) are the only players in NBA Playoffs history to drop 60-plus in the postseason.

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Player Michael Jordan
Years played 1984-93; 1995-98; 2001-03
No. of 60-point games 4
Career-high 69

Who has the most 60 point games in NBA history?

Wilt Chamberlain had the most games with 60+ points, with 32 games.

How many 45 point games did Michael Jordan have?

Michael Jordan has a staggering 73 games with 45+ points for Chicago. His Airness is undoubtedly the greatest player ever for the Chicago Bulls. Jordan’s scoring dominance at Bulls was like no other guard in NBA History – past or present.

Is Lebron better than Jordan?

Statistically speaking, James is doing better than Jordan and will have better stats when it’s all said and done. James currently has more career points, rebounds, assists and blocks as compared to Jordan.

Who is the goat of basketball?

Earl Manigault (September 7, 1944 – May 15, 1998) was an American street basketball player who was nicknamed “the goat”.

Earl Manigault
Other names The Lip
Occupation Street basketball player
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Is Michael Jordan a billionaire?

Michael Jordan is considered the greatest NBA player of all time. He’s also the richest former professional athlete in the world with a net worth of $1.6 billion. Since he retired in 2003, he has built a lucrative career and uses his wealth for philanthropic purposes.

How many times did Jordan lose in 1st round?

Jordan lost first-round series during his playing days too, though they came early in his career. There was the 3-1 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks his rookie year and the sweep at the hands of the all-time great 1986 Boston Celtics.

How many times Kobe Bryant lost in the first round?

Kobe Bryant lost in Game 3 of the 1997 First Round against the Trail Blazers on April 30, 1997.

Kobe Bryant 5/22/1998 71.4
Kobe Bryant 5/24/1998 66.7
Kobe Bryant 5/13/1999 100.0
Kobe Bryant 5/17/1999 83.3