Question: What happened to Michael B Jordan character in Black Panther?

Michael B Jordan has addressed the possibility of reprising the role of Erik Killmonger, the villain from Marvel’s 2018 hit Black Panther. Though Jordan’s character died at the end of the first Black Panther film, comic-book media has often revived characters previously thought to be dead.

What happened to Killmonger in Black Panther?

Killmonger was eventually defeated and mortally wounded, and though T’Challa offered to heal him in Wakanda, Killmonger chose to die while looking at the sunset, as his father used to tell him the sunsets on Wakanda were the most beautiful.

Will Michael B Jordan played Black Panther?

Thanks to some work from one of our trusted and proven inside sources, we’ve uncovered one of those surprises. Michael B. Jordan will be in Black Panther 2 as Killmonger. Yes, this will definitely come as a surprise to fans.

Can Killmonger still be alive?

Admittedly, a Killmonger reappearance seems like a long shot, given that — spoiler alert! — the character died at the end of 2018’s Black Panther. But the MCU has a past history of resurrecting the thought-to-be-dead, and there’s always a chance that Jordan could pop back up in a flashback cameo.

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Is Killmonger in Wakanda forever?

And the series also resurrects Killmonger in an alternative universe where he unexpectedly gains power on the world stage after teaming up with Tony Stark. We’ll just have to see just how much both Killmonger and T’Challa will be included in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever when it hits theaters on July 8th, 2022.

Did Erik Killmonger have a son?

During a subsequent duel with T’Challa, Killmonger is killed by Monica Rambeau, whom he had previously captured and imprisoned. Killmonger’s young son is last seen swearing vengeance against Black Panther, much like N’Jadaka had done years earlier after the death of his own father.

Are Okoye and Nakia sisters?

Okoye, and her sister Dora Milaje Nakia, were thus technically brides-in-training for the Black Panther. … In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Okoye was one of the most prominent characters in Black Panther and also played a key role in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

Who will be the next Black Panther?

Marvel has decided that M’Baku, the character played by Winston Duke, will be the next Black Panther. We know that Winston Duke’s character will be taking on this leadership role.

Will Shuri be the next Black Panther?

Through the initial reporting from THR, it’s noted that Shuri has been “elevated as the lead of the sequel” after the death of Chadwick Boseman last August. With Shuri being the new lead of the Black Panther franchise, it makes sense for the character to become the one the movies are named after.

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Who is taking over as Black Panther?

That said, the site does state that Letitia Wright’s Shuri will ultimately take over the mantle from Boseman’s T’Challa in the film’s third act.

Does Erik Killmonger come back to life?

With the help of Iron Man, the Panther thwarted this renewed Killmonger who, in defeat, reverted to his former lifelessness. Later, Klaw, the same man responsible for the death of Killmonger’s family, also resurrected him in a battle against T’Challa.

Why did Killmonger take over Wakanda?

Inspired by the ideologies of his late father N’Jobu, Killmonger sought to incite a global revolution by arming ethnic minorities, specificially African-Americans, with vibranium weapons so they could have the proper resources to overthrow their oppressors, including world governments, to establish Wakanda as the …

Why did n JOBU betray Wakanda?

Deciding that the only course of action was to initiate a global revolution, N’Jobu decided to betray his brother by revealing his country’s existence to black-market arms dealer Ulysses Klaue and helping him infiltrate Wakanda in order to steal some vibranium, hoping to use some of it to free Erik’s mother from prison …