Is Maya Moore still in the WNBA?

Moore, who left the WNBA in 2019 to help Irons win his release, remains non-committal when asked about returning to the league. … The 32-year-old Moore will be in New York next week to accept the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYs. “It’s just a special opportunity to continue to celebrate what happened,” Moore said.

Will Maya Moore come back to the WNBA?

Lynx Star Maya Moore Says She Won’t Return for 2021 Season

Four-time WNBA champion Maya Moore said Wednesday that she will not be returning to the court for the upcoming season. Moore, 31, last played in the WNBA in 2018, staring for the Minnesota Lynx.

Where is Maya Moore playing now?

Maya Moore left the WNBA in 2019 to help her now husband Jonathan Irons get his conviction overturned and win his release from prison remains non-committal to returning to the league. July 8, 2021, at 2:05 p.m.

Who is Maya Moore’s husband?

When you speak with Maya Moore and her husband, Jonathan Irons, a single word comes up with drumbeat constancy. Freedom. “It’s everything to us,” Moore said during an interview last week.

Is Maya Moore still getting paid?

Maya Moore net worth: Maya Moore career earnings

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As per Spotrac, she is currently signed to a $117,000 two-year contract with the Lynx, which will expire in 2021. She started playing with the team in 2011, who re-signed her with a multi-year contract in 2015.

Did Maya Moore play 2021?

Maya Moore is sitting out the 2021 WNBA season, which will be her third successive year out of the league. In an interview Wednesday on Good Morning America (h/t’s Katie Barnes), Moore said she wants to spend more time with her husband, Jonathan Irons.

Did Maya Moore know Jonathan Irons?

She was first made aware of the case when she was 18, visiting family in Missouri who were involved in prison ministries. They made Moore aware of Irons’ case, and she reached out to him. The two quickly became friends, and had a strong relationship for over a decade.

Why did Maya Moore leave WNBA?

ON FEB. 5, 2019, Maya Moore made an announcement on The Players’ Tribune that would upend the WNBA: She would be sitting out the 2019 season to focus on “the people in my family, as well as on investing my time in some ministry dreams that have been stirring in my heart for many years.”

What has happened to Brittney Griner?

The Phoenix Mercury’s star center said Thursday at the first day of USA Basketball camp that she left the WNBA bubble last summer because of mental health reasons and has been undergoing counseling. “My decision to leave was a hard one to make, especially in the middle of the season,” Griner said.

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Is Brittney Griner still with Phoenix Mercury?

Brittney Yevette Griner (born October 18, 1990) is an American professional basketball player for the Phoenix Mercury of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA).

Brittney Griner.

No. 42 – Phoenix Mercury
Playing career 2013–present
Career history
2013–present Phoenix Mercury
2014–present UMMC Ekaterinburg