How much does it cost to feature NBA Youngboy?

How much does NBA Youngboy cost for a show?

Thus NBA Youngboy meet and greet ticket prices may be between $1,000 – $5,000 per ticket due to the exclusivity and limited nature of the product.

Did NBA Youngboy pay for a feature?

“One this fasho Yb the only artist that never paid for a feature and turns down 100,000a for them,” he wrote. … YoungBoy is an artist that operates with minimal features on his projects yet is still able to reach the No. 1 spot on the charts.

How do I book a Youngboy?

Please send an e-mail to: to make your booking request for NBA Youngboy, so we can contact him with your offer.

How much does J Cole charge for a feature?

Cole says it costs to buy a feature from him which he says is about $2,000 per word. According to Forbes, J. Cole Made 35.5 million in 2018.

Is NBA Youngboy a billionaire?

As of 2021, NBA Youngboy’s net worth is $6 million.

How much does Drake cost for a show?

As Drake’s fame continues to increase, so does the cost of hiring him for a private concert or event. In 2011, he was paid $250,000 to sing at a Bar Mitzvah in New York City; in 2014, it was estimated to have cost between $350,000 and $600,000 to book Drake for your party.

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How much YoungBoy make a year?

6 highest paid musician of the year. Coming in third for rappers was Young Boy Never Broke Again, who, despite his legal woes, managed to become the No. 9 highest-paid musician last year with $11.9 million. This makes him the third highest paid rapper on the list behind Drake second and Post Malone first.

How did YoungBoy get famous?

Gaulden attracted attention with his October 2016 mixtape, 38 Baby which featured fellow Baton Rouge natives, Boosie Badazz, Kevin Gates, and fellow rappers Stroke Tha Don and NBA 3Three. … On August 3, 2017, he released his mixtape, AI YoungBoy which charted at 24 on the Billboard 200.

What Jail Is NBA?

Gaulden has been in the St. Martin Correctional Center since being arrested in Los Angeles on firearms charges stemming from a music video shoot in Baton Rouge.

How old is YoungBoy NBA?

This also highlights YouTube as a low-key home for the “cancelled.” Even if the bigger brands don’t call him, even if the streaming playlists don’t show him love, he can still get $11.9 million per year through YouTube. Read more about NBA YoungBoy in this Wall Street Journal article by Neil Shah.

How much is a DaBaby feature?

DaBaby. Back in January 2019, DaBaby was charging just $5,000 for a verse. But after the success of albums like Kirk and Blame it on Baby, he revealed that his price has gone up. Now, the rapper is charging $300k for a verse.

How much is a Rihanna feature?

Rihanna. Rihanna is one of the most expensive acts to hire on our list. Hiring Rihanna to come and perform at your private event will cost anything from $8million dollars upwards!

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How much is Rick Ross feature?

Rick Ross is a keynote speaker and industry expert who speaks on a wide range of topics . The estimated speaking fee range to book Rick Ross for your event is $100,000 – $200,000.