How many NBA players have degrees?

About 21 percent of current N.B.A. players have undergraduate degrees, Rothstein Murman said.

Do all NBA players have degrees?

Most NBA players would not even be admitted to the colleges they attended if not for their basketball skills. If they are talented enough to enter the NBA draft after their Freshman season they subsequently drop out of College. A minuscule number of NBA players have a college degree.

How many NBA players have a master’s degree?

NBA player with a doctorate degree

In favor of being drafted into the NBA after attending LSU for three years, Shaq promised his parents and himself that he would earn his bachelor’s degree. In 2000, O’Neal would fulfill his promise to his parents by earning a bachelor of arts degree.

How many NBA players have a doctorate degree?

Shaquille O’Neal received a doctoral degree in Education (Ed. D) from Barry University. He is the only NBA player on the list I saw of 15 athletes with doctorate degrees.

Did Michael Jordan get his degree?

3. He earned his college degree in cultural geography. Although he left the University of North Carolina a year early to pursue his pro career, Jordan received his degree in cultural geography in 1986.

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Did LeBron get a college degree?

LeBron James and Stephen Curry’s high school GPAs revealed

However, LeBron James had a 3.5 GPA during the first nine weeks of high school, which is commendable considering his non-academic exploits. But eventually, he finished with a 2.8 GPA in high school.

What does Shaq have a PHD in?

He’s a 15-time All-Star, a four time NBA Champion, an actor, businessman and now a doctor. According to the Miami Herald, O’Neal earned his doctoral degree in organizational learning and leadership with a specialization in human resource development from Barry University.

What is Jaylen Brown’s GPA?

Brown is the leader of a Wheeler team ranked No. 10 in the USA Today Super 25 national rankings, he’s a five-star recruit and just about every major college in the country is after him. However, amid the heightened exposure, Brown is staying on top of his priorities. He boasts a 2.9 GPA.

Does Jeremy Lin have a degree?

Lin finished his career as the first player in the history of the Ivy League to record at least 1,450 points (1,483), 450 rebounds (487), 400 assists (406) and 200 steals (225). He graduated from Harvard in 2010 with a degree in economics and a 3.1 grade-point average.

What degrees does Shaq hold?

After leaving Louisiana State University early for the NBA, Shaq went back to school and earned his bachelor’s degree and then a master’s degree and now, a doctorate in education. O’Neal told ABC News there are three reasons he hasn’t just kicked his feet up and lounged on an island since his retirement.

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What was Michael Jordan’s GPA?

Michael’s GPA was a 4.5. His six championships pit him behind a plethora of NBA legends: John Havlicek, Bob Cousy, and K.C. Jones, among others.

Who is the most intelligent NBA player?

#1 Chris Paul

Chris Paul is not the most athletic NBA player, but what he lacks in athleticism, he makes up for in intelligence. He is arguably the smartest person ever to play the game. It can be argued that his high basketball IQ is an innate ability as opposed to it developing over time.