How many Jordan records has LeBron James broken?

What Jordan Records has LeBron broken?

Jordan scored 32,292 career points, which as of this writing, ranks fifth all-time. This is no easy feat considering the myriad of talented scorers we’ve seen in the history of the NBA. On March 6, 2019, LeBron overtook Jordan as the new fourth all-time leading scorer, taking MJ’s place in the record books.

How many records does LeBron have over Jordan?

While both players are known for tenacious defense on the wing, Jordan finished first in the league in steals three times in his career. James has not yet claimed a steals title.

Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James: Regular season stats.

Jordan Per Game LeBron
30.1 Points 27.0
6.2 Rebounds 7.4
5.3 Assists 7.4
2.3 Steals 1.6

Who has beaten Michael Jordan records?

Chauncey Billups is the answer to a trivia question that involves three of the NBA’s best players of all time. Billups, who played for seven teams over his 17-season career, is the only NBA player who has a winning record against Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

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What records will LeBron James break?

LeBron James is currently 3,020 points behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the NBA’s all-time scoring list and could break the record in the 2022-23 season.

NBA all-time scoring list.

1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 38,387
2. Karl Malone 36,928
3. LeBron James 35,367
4. Kobe Bryant 33,643

Who is the goat MJ or LeBron?

The number one thing mentioned when debating who’s better is the number of championships Jordan has compared to James. So far, this has cemented Jordan as the GOAT in a lot of people’s eyes. Jordan has a total of six championships under his belt while James only has four championships.

Has anyone broke Michael Jordan’s records?

Jordan holds the record for the most points in a three game playoff series with 135 (45.0 ppg). This record can never be broken since even first round series now go to seven games and not five like before. … He played in 179 career playoff games. In fact, another all-time record Jordan holds is another playoff record.

Who is a better shooter MJ or LeBron?

8) Michael Jordan is the better shooter

Compare them in the Finals: Jordan shot over 50% in three NBA Finals (1991,1992,1993) while LeBron did it twice (2014 and 2017). That’s pretty close.

What does Michael Jordan think of LeBron?

Michael Jordan, in an article from ESPN in 2013, confessed to studying LeBron James and said what he would do to slow him down. “I study him [LeBron James]. When LeBron goes right, he usually drives; when he goes left, he usually shoots a jumper. It has to do with his mechanics and how he loads the ball for release.

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Who is the goat of basketball?

Earl Manigault (September 7, 1944 – May 15, 1998) was an American street basketball player who was nicknamed “the goat”.

Earl Manigault
Other names The Lip
Occupation Street basketball player

Who has best record against LeBron?

Mike Bibby had a record of 6-12 versus LeBron James in his career.

Vlade Divac 1 1.000
Bobby Jackson 7 .429
Tony Massenburg 2 1.000
Brad Miller 12 .333

Did Michael Jordan ever scored less than 10 points?

Michael Jordan had 13 games played with fewer than 10 points in his career. Not what you’re looking for?

How many NBA records does MJ hold?

Owns a career win-loss regular season record of 706-366 (. 659 winning percentage) and was 639-291 (. 687 winning percentage) with the Chicago Bulls. Won six NBA championships (1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997 and 1998) with the Chicago Bulls.

What NBA records does Steph Curry hold?

NBA’s all-time leader in 3s made

Rank Player 3PM
1 Ray Allen 2,973
2 Stephen Curry 2,967
3 Reggie Miller 2,560
4 James Harden 2,509

Who has the best record in the East NBA?


Team Road Road record
1 Brooklyn 11-3
2 Milwaukee 9-6
3 Chicago 9-6

How many turnovers does Stephen Curry have?

Turnovers: 24 (14th in the NBA)

Steph has never averaged four turnovers per game in a season (his current mark right now), and he’ll likely settle somewhere closer to his career mark of 3.1 as the season progresses.