How many basketball teams are in the ACC conference?

Current members. The ACC has 15 member institutions from 10 states.

Who’s in the ACC basketball conference?


School ACC Overall
Georgia Tech 0-0 5-2
North Carolina 0-0 5-2
NC State 0-1 6-2
Virginia Tech 0-1 6-3

How many schools are in the ACC?

The Atlantic Coast Conference, or ACC, is a college-level athletic division whose 15 member schools compete in 27 Division I NCAA sports.

How many teams are in the ACC?

Current members. The ACC has 15 member institutions from 10 states.

Who is number one in the ACC?

1. Wake Forest (5-0, 3-0 ACC) The magical season continues for Wake Forest.

How many teams are in the Pac 10?

The Pac-12 spans six states in the Western United States: Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

Full members.

Enrollment 42,570
Endowment &0000002930000000000000$2,930,000,000
Annual Research &0000000765135000000000$765,135,000
Nickname Huskies
NCAA Team Championships 6

What conference is UT in?

No. 15 Pittsburgh claimed its first-ever ACC title with a dominant 45-21 win over No. 16 Wake Forest in the 2021 ACC Championship Game.

What conference is VT?

The ACC consists of 14 members in two divisions.

What conference is Notre Dame in?

ACC Has Four Teams In Latest AP Top 25 Rankings; Pitt Receives Votes. Following the completion of Week 2 of the college football season, the latest AP Top 25 rankings has been released and there’s plenty of movement within the Top 10.

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