How long does ankle sprain take to heal NBA?

How do NBA players heal sprained ankles?

A simple ankle sprain is generally treated with ice, anti-inflammatory medicine and support for the ankle with a wrap, ankle brace or walking boot. Crutches may be needed to avoid putting any weight through on injured area.

Do NBA players play through sprained ankle?

Fifty-six percent of ankle sprains did not result in any NBA games missed (n = 443); among those that did, players missed a median of 2 games (interquartile range, 1-4) resulting in a cumulative total of 1467 missed player-games over the 4-season study period.

Why are sprained ankles so common in basketball?

Basketball Often Causes Ankle Sprains

When landing incorrectly, the foot can turn under the leg and stretching the outside ligaments so that they tear or rupture. In mild sprains, the ligaments have been only slightly stretched or torn. There is some swelling and pain but you are able to walk on the foot.

How do NBA players recover so quickly?

Some of the most popular recovery techniques for athletes include hydrotherapy, active recovery, stretching, compression garments, massage, sleep and nutrition.

Can you play basketball with a fractured ankle?

Return to play depends on both the ankle fracture and the athlete. Motivated athletes can generally return to sports with documentation of fracture healing and return of normal strength and motion.

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What sport has the most sprained ankles?

Carol Frey, M.D. Quick quiz: In which youth sport do you expect to see the most ankle sprains. Ankle sprains are most common in basketball – with 45 percent. Soccer accounts for another 31 percent of ankle sprains, and volleyball 25 percent (

How long should you rest with a sprained ankle?

For self-care of an ankle sprain, use the R.I.C.E. approach for the first two or three days: Rest. Avoid activities that cause pain, swelling or discomfort.

What do NBA players do on rest days?

First, we need to define what we mean by a rest day. Typically, NBA players and other pro athletes are given a day each week. This is often spent with families, friends, and significant others. It allows players to do some of the things that we regular folks do, like getting groceries, taking day trips, and so on.

What do NBA players do for recovery?

After the game is over, the players are not only tired from all the expended calories on the floor, but also travelling and pre-game obligations. Therefore, immediately after taking a shower, they hop into ice baths and cryotherapy chambers to regenerate their body and relax after a stressful day.