How do you get traded in NBA 2k14?

How long does it take to get traded in NBA 2K14?

Once you play a game or two your agent will come to you in the arena tunnel and tell you whats going on and that you may be traded and show you a list of interested teams. Your favorite team will show the most interest. 10. The whole process takes about 5 games.

How do you cheat in NBA 2K14 My Career?

Enter “#BOXOFCHOCOLATES” as a code to get a random reward. Enter “SLPERBIRTOEN” as a code to unlock the Hang Time dunk package for your MyCareer player. Enter “HARRISONSLAM” as a code to unlock the Harrison Barnes dunk package for your MyCareer player.

Are NBA 2K14 servers still up?

If you still have NBA 2K14, you will not unable to play the game online any longer. The servers have been permanently shut down. It’s now January 2016 so this means NBA 2K14 is offline forever now.

Can your MyCareer player get traded?

Trade requests are built into the story of MyCareer, and it works just about the same for both old and current generations. You can force a trade in your very first season. But, you need to do something before then. First, you will need to become a starter, which can be done in current-gen by completing several quests.

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How many games do I have to play before I get traded?

To begin the trading process, players need to have their character become a starter. This happens after finishing 10 games with the team that drafted them. After reaching that point, a cutscene triggers where players will sit down with their GM to discuss the move up to starter.

Can you play NBA 2K14 My Career offline?

Users can still play MyCareer mode offline, but will need to create a new offline save, effectively starting the game over. “We hope you enjoyed your amazing experience with NBA 2K14’s online services and you can look forward to the continue experience [sic] they provide in NBA 2K15!” the email went on.

Can you still play 2K14 on ps4?

Update 4/7: In response to vehement user outrage over the servers’ shutdowns and the loss of career progress, 2K Sports has restored the NBA 2K14 servers for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions, and promised that all games in the future will get at least 18 to 27 months of online support.