How do you change accessories in NBA 2K20?

How do you change the color of accessories in NBA 2k20?

Go into Play Now, select the jersey you would wear in the game you’re about to play and edit the accessory colors then go back and play your game in MyCareer. It should carry over.

How do I give my player accessories?

Equipping Accessories

In order to actually put on your accessories, you’ll need to head over to the MyPlayer tab in the MyCareer menu. From there, select Appearance to see every item that you can currently equip in MyCareer mode.

How do you change the color of your headband in NBA 2k20?

How to change accessory colors for Mycareer:

  1. Exit to main screen.
  2. Go to Quick Play and choose the team your player is on and the uniform you want to wear.
  3. Change the accessory colors.
  4. Exit and go back to Mycareer.

How do you change clothes in NBA 2k22?

To equip clothes, go to my player then select appearance. Here you will find Clothes where you can find different categories like The City, Pro-AM/Rec Center, On Court Accessories, Suits, and Club 2k. You can find the clothes you purchased in one of these categories.

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