How do season tickets work NBA?

How do season tickets work for NBA?

Here’s how it works. When you buy NBA season tickets you pay a set price per seat, which averages out equally over the course of the home games of the season. For example, if you buy a package for seats that are $800, over 44 games (our number of home games, including preseason) you’re paying $18.18 per seat, per game.

Do NBA season tickets include playoffs?

Playoffs – As a season ticket member, you will have the ability to purchase seats for all home Playoff games, as well as additional seats based on availability. Playoffs are at an additional cost to your membership dues.

How much are season passes NBA?

How much does NBA LEAGUE PASS cost?

Price $249.99/yr. $59.99/yr.
Watch live games in HD Yes Yes
Live NBA TV games No Yes
Access to full-length and condensed game replays Yes No
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How do half season tickets work?

Half Season Members technically split a seat location with another member for the regular season and will have the opportunity to split playoff tickets. … Additionally, all Half Season Members will have access to the Member pre-sale, to purchase additional playoff tickets in advance of the general public.

Do season tickets include Super Bowl?

Unfortunately, this is not true. The Super Bowl is the only championship of the four major sports for which season-ticket holders do not have the right to purchase seats.

How much are NBA Finals tickets for season ticket holders?

The Phoenix Suns announced after the team’s 130-103 win over the Los Angeles Clippers in Game 6 of the Western Conference finals Wednesday night that tickets for the first two games of the NBA Finals would go on sale on Thursday morning. The Suns will have home court advantage in the NBA Finals.

How much is a courtside ticket NBA?

2021-22 Season Ticket Pricing

Seat Location Avg. Price Per Game Package Price (44 Games)
Courtside Club $1,200 $52,800
Courtside Club $925 $40,700
Courtside Club $695 $30,580
Sideline Club $600 $26,400

When can I buy NBA tickets for next season?

Basketball fans are able to purchase tickets within 24-48 hours of the release of the NBA schedule from secondary ticket marketplaces because season ticket members will often list their single game tickets for sale right away.

How much does an NBA ticket cost 2021?

Overall, with an average price of NBA tickets for the 2021 season is $211, which is 37% higher than the 2019-20.

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How long is the waitlist for Celtics season tickets?

Celtics Wait List members who are eligible to purchase season tickets will have a total of 24 hours to view available season ticket inventory and purchase (the “Purchase Window”).

Can you buy single NBA tickets?

Single game tickets can be purchased at,, or the United Center. … For current season ticket pricing call 312.455.

Is it cheaper to buy NBA tickets at the stadium?

Some NBA fans assume that standing in the ticket line at the arena will save them money on their tickets. … Ultimately, buying tickets at the arena does not guarantee a cheaper price, and you risk not getting a ticket at all.

How old do you have to be to buy NBA tickets?

The vast majority of NBA teams have the cutoff for free child admittance set to under 2 years old.