Frequent question: Why is AAU basketball bad?

Not only is AAU a large monetary risk, but also places an unnecessary amount of stress on the young athlete. Playing AAU Basketball can put bad stress on the life of a young athlete. For AAU basketball players, a hectic schedule is a way of life, as an AAU season begins in the spring and runs through the fall.

Is AAU good for basketball?

If you are looking to play basketball at the next level, however, AAU is something that is certainly worth it. On top of providing additional opportunities to showcase your abilities, the competition at AAU tournaments is often even higher than that of traditional high school games.

Is AAU basketball hard?

AAU basketball is extremely competitive, thus players and teams will encounter players from other AAU programs that are superior to them in terms of performance. … Each player and team will face some sort of hardship at some point, and if you practice AAU basketball for enough time, you’ll see a lot of it.

What did Kobe say about AAU?

“AAU basketball, horrible, terrible AAU basketball. It’s stupid. It doesn’t teach our kids how to play the game at all so you wind up having players that are big and they bring it up and they do all this fancy crap and they don’t know how to post.

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Are AAU teams worth it?

One of the biggest benefits of AAU is for players who want to play beyond the high school level. AAU gives older players the opportunity to be seen by tons of college coaches in short periods of time. Friendship & Fun: Basketball is fun, at least it should be!

Do all NBA players play AAU?

The longest-running grassroots basketball organization is Amateur Athletic Union, commonly known as AAU. Founded in 1888, AAU has been around since the inception of basketball. Nearly every NBA player participated in an AAU event at the youth or high school level, and the organization is running strong to this day.

How many hours does Lebron James sleep?

Twelve hours of sleep certainly helped the star forward dominate on both ends of the floor without Anthony Davis, who missed the game due to knee soreness. James and the Lakers now have two days of rest before heading to Texas to play the Dallas Mavericks.

What NBA players played AAU?

Famous NBA names played or coached in the AAU Tournaments such as David Robinson, Larry Brown, Gregg Popovich, Bob Kurland, Mike Krzyzewski (as a coach), Jay Triano, Phil Jordon, Roger Brown, George Yardley, Jim Pollard, Clyde Lovellette and Bob Boozer.

How much does AAU cost?

AAU basketball does not come cheap. Depending on the team, families can expect to pay $400 to $4,000 per summer to play, including uniforms. That does not include transportation to and from practice or games, hotel rooms, food, gas or admission for those not playing.

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Are AAU coaches paid?

How much does an AAU Basketball Coach make? Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $20.75 an hour. This is the equivalent of $830/week or $3,597/month.

What is the best AAU basketball team?

17u National Rankings

1 D1 Minnesota Adidas
2 Dreamvision Adidas
3 Team Thad UAA
4 Phenom University Nike

What does AAU stand for?

An athlete may participate in a maximum of two (2) age/grade divisions of the AAU Boys’ Basketball program for which he can qualify.