Frequent question: What overall pick was Michael Jordan?

One of the biggest sports superstars of all time was gifted to Chicago in 1984, when Michael Jordan signed with the Bulls. Jordan was the number 3 pick in the NBA draft, after Hakeem Olajuwon and Sam Bowie, both strong centers who would go on to play for Houston and Portland, respectively.

Why was Jordan 3rd pick?

The 3rd pick belonged to the Bulls and this is where the biggest “blunder” in draft history was almost made. The Bulls only selected Jordan because the top two big men were gone and they were unable to trade the pick that would be Jordan for centers Jack Sikma or Tree Rollins.

What OVR pick was Michael Jordan?

Draft selections

Round Pick Player
1 1 Akeem Olajuwon^
1 2 Sam Bowie
1 3 Michael Jordan^
1 4 Sam Perkins

Why did MJ pick 45?

The five-time MVP made his first appearance back the NBA on March 19, 1995, in a 103-96 loss to the Indiana Pacers, bringing 45 with him to Chicago. In his autobiography For the Love of the Game, he explained his reasoning was tied to his father’s murder in July 1993.

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Who was in the 1984 draft class?

Hakeem Olajuwon was chosen by the Houston Rockets with the 1st overall pick in the 1984 NBA draft.

Sam Bowie Trail Blazers 2
Michael Jordan Bulls 3
Sam Perkins Mavericks 4
Charles Barkley 76ers 5

What pick was Damian Lillard?

The No. 6 pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, Lillard is now in his 10th season with the Trail Blazers.

Why wasnt MJ first pick?

Michael Jordan was not the #1 pick in that draft because Hakeem Olajuwon averaged 4 blocks short of a triple double for university of Houston. He also went on to coin the “dream shake”, win two championships with the rockets (albeit when MJ was playing baseball), can become one of the best players the game has seen.

Who did Blazers pick over Jordan?

The Trail Blazers bypassed taking Jordan and picked Sam Bowie No. 2 following Houston’s decision to draft Hakeem Olajuwon with the No. 1 overall pick.

What pick was Scottie Pippen in the draft?

In 1987 the Seattle SuperSonics selected Pippen in the first round of the NBA draft and traded him to Chicago. During his rookie season (1987–88), he became a regular in the Bulls’ lineup.

What pick was Larry Bird in the draft?

Larry Joe Bird became a Boston Celtic on June 9, 1978, when the storied franchise took a risk and drafted the Indiana State product with the sixth overall pick of that year’s draft despite having an additional year left to play at the college level.

Did the Bulls retired 23 and 45?


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No. Name Note
4 Jerry Sloan Also served as head coach (1979–1982).
10 Bob Love Bulls Director of Community Affairs since 1993
23 Michael Jordan Briefly wore no. 45 in 1995 & 12 for one game in 1990 (due to his jersey stolen).
33 Scottie Pippen

Is Michael Jordan’s number retired?

However, the Miami Heat, for whom His Airness never even played for, decided to retire the #23 for his honour. During Air Jordan’s final game against Miami, then-Heat coach Pat Riley announced the retiring of the number unveiling a half-Chicago Bulls and half-Washington Wizards jersey.

WHO said 45 aint 23?

“After the game Nick Anderson said ’45 isn’t 23,’” Horace Grant said on the documentary. “Oh man (while rolling his eyes).” Jordan came out with No. 23 on for Game 2, and the Bulls won in Orlando.

How old was MJ when drafted?

Now… James fans will say that Jordan was 22 years old when he was a rookie and that he had an 3-year advantage in basketball experience, but these are the same fans that use the age comparison—despite the fact that James played more seasons than Jordan at the same age.

What pick was Steph Curry?


No. Team Player
5. Timberwolves Ricky Rubio
6. Timberwolves Jonny Flynn
7. Warriors Stephen Curry
8. Knicks Jordan Hill

Where was Michael Jordan drafted?

Early NBA years (1984–1987)

The Chicago Bulls selected Jordan with the third overall pick of the 1984 NBA draft after Hakeem Olajuwon (Houston Rockets) and Sam Bowie (Portland Trail Blazers).

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