Did Spud Webb really dunk at 47?

What was Spud Webb vertical?

Famed slam dunk champion Spud Webb, all of 5-feet-7, had a vertical reported to be in the 42-to-46-inch range. … Stephens out of Memphis broke the record for the highest vertical ever recorded at the NBA Draft Combine — a measly 46 inches.

Who is the oldest person to ever dunk?

If you are wondering who was the oldest player to ever dunk in a game. The unofficial record goes to the Chief, Robert Parish, for this 1997 buzzer-beating dunk during his 21st season in the NBA.

When did Spud Webb dunk?

On February 8, 1986, Dallas, Texas prepared for the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. For Anthony “Spud” Webb, it was a trip home. The Atlanta Hawks point guard grew up in the northern hub of the Lone Star State and flourished on the court in high school.

Can spud still dunk?

Spud Webb Proves He Can Still Dunk At Age 47!

What is Ja Morant vertical jump?

Morant has incredible speed. He’s quick, he’s agile, and he can certainly jump out of the building. He holds a fantastic 42” vertical.

What is Vince Carter’s vertical leap?


Player: Vertical Leap:
Spudd Webb 46″
Dee Brown 44″
Harold Miner 44″
Vince Carter 43″
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How old is Julius?

Since leaving the NBA, Muggsy works in real estate business and is a partner with Underwood Specialty Advertising doing promotional advertising. August 3, 2005, Muggsy became head coach of the Charlotte Sting in the Women’s National Basketball Association, and later the team folded in January 2007.

What was Muggsy Bogues vertical?

Muggsy Bogues Dunk Workout: Check Out His 44 Inch Vertical Leap!

How old is Muggsy Bogues?

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Given the fact that Muggsy Bogues didn’t ever dunk in-game, the title of “shortest NBA player to dunk” belongs to Spud Webb. Measuring just 5-foot-7, Spud Webb not only dunked in games, but even won the 1986 NBA Slam Dunk Contest.