Did LeBron dunk on Jason Terry?

When did LeBron James dunk on Jason Terry?

Terry still struggling with the LeBron James dunk

Jason Terry spent 19 seasons in the NBA. He was never an All-Star. He was just a very solid player, who just happens to be remembered for getting dunked on by LeBron James in March of 2013.

What did LeBron do to Jason Terry?

However, LeBron was able to get some revenge on Terry when he was a Boston Celtics member, and LeBron threw down an incredible dunk over Terry when he almost jumped over him. In a recent interview for Bleacher Report, Terry described what happened in this play and how that dunk came about.

Did LeBron James outscore Jason Terry?

5. Jason Terry: Dallas Mavericks, 2006, 22.0 PPG; 2011, 18.0 PPG. Not only did “Jet” average 22 in the 2006 finals, but he also outscored LeBron in the 2011 Finals with 18 a game off the bench.

Who did LeBron dunk on on the heat?

If you need LeBron James, he is off marinating on his devastating dunk over Jason Terry.

Who did LeBron dunk on vs Celtics?

Instead, Jason Terry was being dunked on on the internet for being dunked on a whole seven years ago by LeBron James. You know which dunk I’m talking about. Terry is on the Celtics playing monkey in the middle with a bunch of Heat players before being absolutely eviscerated by James under the rim.

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How tall is Jason Terry?

Terry was the assistant general manager for the G League’s Texas Legends for the 2019-20 season. He retired from the NBA in 2018.

Who did LeBron posterize?

LeBron James Posterizes Jason Terry.

What team is Jason Terry on?

The 19-year NBA veteran will lead the Grand Rapids Gold, which is the G League affiliate of the Denver Nuggets. Jason Terry spent the 2020-21 season as an assistant coach with his alma mater Arizona Wildcats.

What was wrong with LeBron 2011?

Physical fatigue resulted in mental struggles for LeBron. He lost his confidence and couldn’t adjust to different defensive sets the Mavs threw at him. At that time of his career, he was a below-average shooter and couldn’t shoot his way out of his slump. Instead, he thought he could facilitate the Heat to victory.

Who locked up LeBron in 2011 Finals?

After James’ horrid performance in Game 4, the Heat went on to lose the next two games and lose the NBA Finals in six games. It was James’ most embarrassing moment as a professional, as 33-year-old Jason Terry outplayed him down the stretch and even outscored him in the series.

Who won the 2011 NBA championship?

It’s been 10 years since Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks defeated the Miami Heat’s Big 3 in the 2011 NBA Finals.