Best answer: Who is stretch in NBA Street?

Clifford “Stretch” Monroe, born in Harlem and currently residing in Brooklyn, is a street legend who plays at Rucker Park. The cover player for the first two games in the Street series, Stretch epitomises old school basketball, from his playing style to his short shorts and resemblance to “Dr. J” Julius Erving.

Who is stretch from NBA Street vol2?

Blu Mankuma is the voice of Stretch in NBA Streets Vol. 2.

Is Dr J a stretch?

Stretch is actually created in Dr. J’s likeness, so that makes it extra tough. You’ll play this game at the legendary Rucker Park in NYC, famous for making street dreams come true.

How tall is stretch from NBA Street?

6-foot-11, 247, and an athletic lean frame.

Who is on the NBA Street cover?

It also received a port to the PlayStation Portable under the name NBA Street Showdown. Baron Davis of the New Orleans Hornets is featured on the cover of the game. Like its predecessor, NBA Street V3 focuses on the streetball variation of basketball, featuring 3-on-3 matches and dunk contests.

Who made NBA Street Vol 2?

Trick Move : Press a Trick Button (X Button or Y Button). unleash the Gamebreaker. Switch Players: Press the A Button to change your player.

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Who created NBA Street?

NBA Street/Разработчики

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