Best answer: Has anyone scored on themselves in the NBA?

Can you score against yourself in basketball?

When accidentally scoring at an opposing team’s basket (basketball’s equivalent of an “own goal”), the goal is credited to an offensive player. One typical own-goal scenario occurs when a player tries to block a goal shot but ends up knocking the ball into the goal.

Who is the weirdest NBA player?

That’s kind of the same thing for the weirdest player of all time. Dennis Rodman is basically accepted to have the No. 1 spot on lockdown there, but the No. 2 spot could be occupied by about five different people, depending on who you talk to.

Has an NBA player shot in the wrong basket?

Wizards’ Thomas Bryant Throws Down Jam on Wrong Basket

Orlando’s Evan Fournier must have been on the Nice List this year. … Scoring on an opponent’s basket happens occasionally, but I can’t recall seeing a player ever dunk on the wrong hoop, let alone have it be a put-back jam as impressive as Bryant’s.

Can you score with your head in basketball?

A basketball player sunk one of the weirdest baskets of the year when he accidentally scored with his head. … The two-point basket extended the Russian team’s lead to 36-24. Khimki went on to win the EuroLeague match 85-69. Watch the freak shot below.

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Do own goals count?

Remember, own goals do not count so it is the first five goals that are scored disregarding any own goals.

Is an own goal a shot on target?

Shots directly hitting the frame of the goal are not counted as shots on target, unless the ball goes in and is awarded as a goal.

Shot on Target.

Shot Type Shot on Target
A corner that would be going into the goal, but the goalkeeper stops the ball from going in No

What was Dennis Rodman number?

According to racial equality activist Richard Lapchick, the NBA in 2020 was composed of 74.2 percent black players, 16.9 percent white players, 2.2 percent Latino players of any race, and 0.4 percent Asian players. There were 6.3 percent of the players classified as “other” races.

Who is the best basketball player right now?

50 Top NBA players of 2021: Giannis, Kawhi, LeBron battle for #1

  • Joel Embiid, Philadelphia 76ers. …
  • Luka Doncic, Dallas Mavericks. …
  • Nikola Jokic, Denver Nuggets. …
  • Kevin Durant, Brooklyn Nets. …
  • Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors. …
  • LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers. …
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks.

Can you catch your own airball NBA?

Catching your own airball is allowed if it was a legitimate shot unless you’re playing your pickup game according to NBA rules, which makes you a douchebag. The top and side of the backboard is not out of bounds, only the back-facing plane of the backboard is. Step-throughs are not traveling.

Can you bounce a basketball off someone’s head?

Originally Answered: Is it legal to bounce the ball of off someone’s head and keep dribbling? It is legal. It would be a similar situation as if you dribbled and it hit the player’s foot or elbow, you recover the loose ball and continue dribbling.

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Can you push someone off their pivot foot?

There is no rule against the mere lifting of your pivot foot (or indeed any foot in any situation). It’s what you do after you’ve lifted your pivot foot that may constitute a traveling violation.