Best answer: Did Kobe ever beat Michael Jordan?

And everything he did on the court. Bryant went on to become a five-time NBA champion over his 20 seasons with the Lakers, one title short of Jordan. Bryant edged out Jordan on career points with 33,643, while Jordan had 32,292. After Bryant died in a helicopter crash on Jan.

Did Kobe ever win against Jordan?


Jordan proved he was still the best player on the planet by putting up 30 points and nine rebounds. Bryant, then 18, put up a modest five points on 2-of-5 shooting.

How many times did MJ play Kobe?

Kobe Bryant won five of eight head-to-head matchups with Michael Jordan. Jordan and Bryant squared off eight times during the four seasons in which they were in the league together.

Did Kobe ever say he was better than Jordan?

Kobe Bryant said he was better than His Airness

“He said he was better than Mike,” Lamar Odom, who spent seven seasons with the Lakers, explained on the All The Smoke podcast. … “I know he did [say he was better than Jordan],” the co-host added.

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Who was a better shooter Kobe or Jordan?

All you have to do is say that since Jordan’s shooting percentage was 50% and Bryant’s was 46%, you can conclude that even though Jordan shot 3.6 more shots than Kobe, they were better quality shots. … He averaged more points (4.8 PPG), rebounds (0.9 RPG), assists (0.6 APG) while shooting 4% better than Bryant.

Who has a winning record against Michael Jordan?

Greg Ballard had a record of 4-3 versus Michael Jordan in his career.

Mike Dunleavy 4 1.8
Kenny Fields 8 1.8
Kevin Grevey 6 2.3
Craig Hodges 17

Who was better than Jordan?

The One Player Who Was Said to Be Better Than Michael Jordan Never Played in the NBA. If you look back at the 1986 NBA draft, there was a player who was said to have a great NBA career. Some people even said that he was better than Michael Jordan. That basketball player was Len Bias.

Is LeBron better than Jordan?

To start, Jordan has more awards than Lebron. Jordan is a 6x NBA champ going 6-0 in each series, while Lebron is a staggering 4-6, only winning 4 rings. Jordan also has won more MVP awards with 5 to James’s 4.

Who’s better LeBron or Kobe?

The Bottom Line: While LeBron is much more of a team player than Kobe was, and is more dominant and holds better stats, Kobe was a more versatile and complete player, a virtuoso with amazing skills and defense abilities.

Is Kobe the greatest of all time?

Kobe Bryant is the greatest and most legendary of all these players. … Bill Russell is a winner, but Kobe is a better player than him, being dominant on both sides of the floor throughout his career (Bill Russell was primarily a defender).

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Is Kobe the best player?

Late NBA legend Kobe Bryant is considered one of the NBA’s greatest of all time alongside players like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Bill Russell, Larry Bird and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. ESPN recently revealed their list of the top 74 basketball players of all time, ranked by their NBA ranking expert panel.

Did Kobe say he was the greatest?

Kobe Bryant calls himself the greatest of all time, ahead of Michael Jordan and Lebron James. “I’m the best, Michael is second best, Bron is the third best.”

Can Michael Jordan shoot 3s?

In the six postseasons where Jordan and the Bulls made the NBA Finals, Jordan shot 106/314 from 3-point range for 33.8 percent. Yes, indeed, in the post seasons where the Bulls made the finals, Jordan actually shot better than when his team made the playoffs bu not the Finals.

How many 3s did Michael Jordan make?

Michael Jordan buried 581 three-pointers in his career.

Who is the most famous basketball player?

The 10 Greatest Basketball Players of All Time

  • Shaquille O’Neal. …
  • Larry Bird. …
  • Bill Russell. …
  • Oscar Robertson. …
  • Wilt Chamberlain. …
  • Magic Johnson. …
  • Michael Jordan. …
  • LeBron James. LeBron James.