Who won the NBA Finals in 07?

Who won 07 NBA Finals?

The 2007 NBA Finals, won by the San Antonio Spurs 4-0 over the Cleveland Cavaliers, was the least-watched Finals series in NBA History until the 2020 NBA Finals, with a rating of 6.2.

Who did LeBron play in the playoffs in 2007?

The Cleveland Cavaliers magical run to the 2007 NBA finals started with the LeBron James leading the Cavs and finishing with a 50-32 record. That was good for a second place finish in the central division and the Eastern Conference behind the Detroit Pistons.

What team was LeBron on in 07?

2006-07 Cleveland Cavaliers Roster and Stats.

Who won the Finals 2008?

The Los Angeles Lakers have won their 16th NBA championship, dramatically rallying from a fourth-quarter deficit to beat the Boston Celtics 83-79 Thursday night in Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

Who won the 2004 NBA Finals?

Detroit Pistons
2004 NBA Finals/Победитель
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