Which NBA team has the highest offensive rating of all time?

Best offense ever? Last season, the Dallas Mavericks had the most efficient offense (115.9 points scored per 100 possessions) in the time (since the 1996-97 season) for which we have play-by-play data. And we can safely assume that that was also the highest mark in NBA history.

What team has the highest offensive rating in NBA history?

The Dallas Mavericks have the best offensive rating by a team, with a 108.1 rating.

Dallas Mavericks 3302 39.1
Los Angeles Lakers 3873 41.1
San Antonio Spurs 3627 40.3
Portland Trail Blazers 3875 40.0

Who is historically the worst NBA team?

Considered to be the worst team of all time, the Bobcats failed to improve on their 34–48 record from the previous season and set the record for worst winning percentage in a season with a . 106 winning percentage, surpassing the 1972–73 Philadelphia 76ers (. 110) for the lowest winning percentage in NBA history.

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Who leads the NBA in offensive efficiency?

2021-2022 Hollinger Team Statistics

Hollinger Stats – Offensive Efficiency
1 Utah 60.3
2 Atlanta 56.6
3 Golden State 59.0

Which NBA team has the best defense?


1 Golden State Warriors 100.2
1 Phoenix Suns 104.2
3 Brooklyn Nets 105.6
3 Chicago Bulls 105.8

What team is the weakest in NBA?

Worst NBA Teams Ever

Worst 82-Game NBA Records In History (Through 24 Games)
67-68 San Diego Rockets 15 – 67
91-92 Minnesota Timberwolves 15 – 67
86-87 Los Angeles Clippers 12 – 70

Who is the most famous basketball player?

The 10 Greatest Basketball Players of All Time

  • Shaquille O’Neal. …
  • Larry Bird. …
  • Bill Russell. …
  • Oscar Robertson. …
  • Wilt Chamberlain. …
  • Magic Johnson. …
  • Michael Jordan. …
  • LeBron James. LeBron James.

Are the Clippers the worst franchise ever?

The Clippers made infamous headlines in April 2000 when they were featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Six simple words summed up the state of the organization: “The Worst Franchise in Sports History.” In 1987, the Clippers went 12-70, one of the worst winning percentages in NBA history.

Who has the fastest pace in the NBA?


1 Houston Rockets 101.73
2 Los Angeles Lakers 101.32
3 Charlotte Hornets 101.22
4 Phoenix Suns 100.98

What team has the highest offensive rating?

The Brooklyn Nets have the best offensive rating by a team in a season, with a 118.3 rating in 2020-21.

Who is the fastest team in the NBA?

NBA teams with the fastest pace per game this season

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Boston Celtics 2021-22 39.8
New York Knicks 2021-22 38.7
Golden State Warriors 2021-22 41.4
Detroit Pistons 2021-22 35.8

Who has the worst defensive rating in the NBA?

Harrison Barnes had the worst defensive rating in 2020-21, with a 119.2 rating.

What NBA team gives up the most 3 pointers?

NBA Team Opponent Three Pointers Made per Game

Rank Team 2021
1 Washington 10.1
2 Indiana 10.6
3 Utah 10.8
4 Cleveland 11.0

Who has the highest defensive rating in the NBA 2021?

Rudy Gobert has the best defensive rating this season, with a 94.8 rating.