What is the significance of the 1972 Olympic gold medal basketball game?

On September 10, 1972, five days after the infamous Munich Massacre of 11 Israeli athletes by Palestinian terrorists, the Soviet Union defeated the United States in the gold-medal basketball game at the Summer Olympics in Munich, West Germany.

What happened in the 1972 Olympic basketball final?

Mols and Summers contended that the final three seconds of the 40-minute game were consumed by the two seconds that elapsed on the first inbounds play and the one second that elapsed on the second play, thus marking the legal end of the game at that point and a United States victory by the score of 50–49.

What happened to the US basketball team in 1972 Olympics?

In the final game of the Olympics, Team USA controversially lost for the first time in Summer Olympic Games competition, and ended their 63-game winning streak (the streak began in the 1936 Summer Olympics). …

Why did the US not accept the silver medal in 1972?

Afterwards, Jones said, “The Americans have to learn how to lose, even when they think they are right.” In the moments following the game, the Americans decided they would refuse to accept their silver medals because Jones had misused his authority.

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Why are they called the Redeem Team?

The team was nicknamed the “Redeem Team”, a play on an alternative name for the legendary 1992 squad that was called the “Dream Team”, and a reference to the fact that the United States came away with disappointing Bronze Medals during the 2004 Summer Olympics and the 2006 FIBA World Championship.

Who won 1972 Olympics?

American swimmer Mark Spitz won seven events, breaking the record for most gold medals by a single athlete in a single Olympic Games.

1972 Summer Olympics medal table.

1972 Summer Olympics medals
Location Munich, West Germany
Most gold medals Soviet Union (50)
Most total medals Soviet Union (99)

Who invented basketball?

James Naismith
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