Quick Answer: When was the song Basketball Jones released?

Where did the song Basketball Jones come from?

“Basketball Jones featuring Tyrone Shoelaces” is a song by Cheech and Chong that first appeared on the 1973 album Los Cochinos.

Who sings the original Basketball Jones?

The song’s guitar intro was played by George Harrison, and among the many other well-known musicians credited were Carole King, Billy Preston, Tom Scott and Nicky Hopkins. The backup singers, billed as cheerleaders, were Darlene Love and, from The Mamas and The Papas, Michelle Phillips.

Is Chris Rock in Space Jam?

Sung in falsetto by Cheech Marin, playing the title character Tyrone (as in “tie-your-own”) Shoelaces, it told the story of Shoelaces’ love of basketball.

Basketball Jones
Artist Barry White Chris Rock

What album is basketball jones on?

More Stories by Gary. Among the many notable music names who contributed to Cheech & Chong’s comic 1973 hit “Basketball Jones” was the late George Harrison, who played lead guitar on the session.

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