Quick Answer: What teams are rivals in the NBA?

Do NBA teams have rivals?

The Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics are mutually great rivals. As previously noted, the Celtics are 9-3 against the Lakers in the NBA Finals, but it is the number of matchups that really counts toward this rivalry.

What basketball teams are rivals?


  • Bulls–Knicks rivalry.
  • Cavaliers–Celtics rivalry.
  • Celtics–Pistons rivalry.
  • Heat–Knicks rivalry.
  • Knicks–Pacers rivalry.

Who are the biggest rivals in the NBA?

The 10 Most Intense NBA Team Rivalries of All Time

  • Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers. …
  • Boston Celtics vs. Los Angeles Lakers. …
  • New York Knicks vs. Indiana Pacers. …
  • San Antonio Spurs vs. Phoenix Suns. …
  • Los Angeles Lakers vs. San Antonio Spurs. …
  • New York Knicks vs. Miami Heat. …
  • Los Angeles Lakers vs. Detroit Pistons.

Who are the Lakers rivals?

The Lakers–Clippers rivalry is a National Basketball Association (NBA) rivalry between the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers. The two Pacific Division teams both play their home games at Staples Center in Los Angeles, inspiring their matchups to sometimes be called the “Hallway Series” or “Battle of L.A.”.

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What is the biggest rivalry in basketball?

1. Boston Celtics vs. Los Angeles Lakers. The Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers have met in the NBA Finals 12 times, and many of the battles have been classics.

Who is Celtics biggest rival?

The Celtics–Lakers rivalry is a National Basketball Association (NBA) rivalry between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers. The Celtics and the Lakers are the two most storied franchises in the NBA, and the rivalry has often been called the greatest in the NBA.

Who are the Chicago Bulls rivals?

The Bulls share rivalries with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons, Miami Heat and the New York Knicks. The Bulls’ rivalry with the Pistons was highlighted heavily during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Are Suns and Lakers rivals?

It has been a mostly one-sided rivalry as Los Angeles has posted a record of 38-24, winning 8 of the 12 series played. Los Angeles won the first 6 meetings, but Phoenix has gone 4-2 since.

Who are the Miami Heat rivals?

The Boston Celtics and Miami Heat have a long history. Due to this, the Celtics will forever be one of the team’s biggest rivals, and that won’t change this year. Boston and Miami have been locked into a feud for years. It mainly originates from the days of LeBron James competing against Boston’s big three.

Are there any Clippers fans?

However, at a home game when they play each other, the fans are often 50-50. Go to a Clippers/Lakers game and it is easily 95 percent or more Lakers fans or Laker haters. There are no Clippers fans to be seen for rows and rows. … Likewise, LA Clipper Basketball gets 300,000.

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What three players won NBA titles with three different teams?

Robert Horry, John Salley, LeBron James and Danny Green are the only players to have won championships with three different teams. Horry won seven championships: two with the Houston Rockets, three with the Los Angeles Lakers and another two with San Antonio Spurs.

Who won the 2010 NBA Finals?

The Los Angeles Lakers have won their 16th NBA championship, dramatically rallying from a fourth-quarter deficit to beat the Boston Celtics 83-79 Thursday night in Game 7 of the NBA Finals.